Mueller’s ‘Obstruction Investigation’ Into Trump — Less Than Meets The Eye

Russia Probe: The latest “bombshell” report — at least in the minds of journalists — is that special counsel Robert Mueller is allegedly investigating whether President Trump obstructed justice. The significance of this is open to debate.

Based on unnamed sources (naturally), the Washington Post reported late Wednesday — in a story ominously headlined “Special counsel is investigating Trump for possible obstruction of justice ” — that Mueller is “interviewing senior intelligence officials as part of a widening probe,” and that this “marks a major turning point” in the investigation.

But even the Trump-hating New York Times was more careful than the hyperventilating Post in how it framed the story, saying the interviews were only “hinting” at such an inquiry.

  • Gary

    Gotta luv these democrats.
    First they push a big lie for 9 months about the Russian connection to Trump even when Hillary actually actually made $millions for her ” Foundation ” in a sleazy deal to sell-off 20% of the USA’s Uranium reserves.
    Then when it wasn’t going well it morphed into Russian helping Trump win the election even when Hillary got the popular vote . In comes Adam Schiff to demand an Investigation which they got but now it exposed Obama’s corrupt Admin that committed crimes and LIED about the Lynch /Clinton meeting at an Airport and Hillary being investigated by the FBI.

    Fast forward to today and now that Obama looks guilty and the Dem’s
    even more corrupt , they change the attack to alleged ” Obstruction ” into a fake allegation with No evidence just because Trump has no time for this ruse.

    The media was quiet for 8 year of Obama’s treason and lies on top of him inciting riots and enabling Jihad slaughters. Now that their House Negro is gone , which they felt sorry for , they have a White Prez that is NOT a Dem and will hold up to a higher standard .

  • pdxnag

    If Robert Mueller will purge FBI training material of all reference to Islam and Jihad then he is capable of doing or saying anything, to please his Muslim anti-American masters.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Nearly the totality of what WaPo and the NYT prints is a lie. Mueller is under no obligation to publicly debunk them.

  • Clausewitz

    Special prosecutors are supposed to be apolitical. Fire his ass.