Michigan: Nearly 1/2 candidates for Dearborn city positions are ‘Arabs’, record number in Dearborn Heights too

This year, the mayor’s office, the City’s Clerk’s office and all seven City Council seats will be up for grabs. At press time, 22 residents have already officially expressed interest in running for these seats; 10 of them are of Arab descent.

  • bob e

    Big surprize eh ?? happening all over.

    • Observer

      Where do they think they are, Canada?

  • Dana Garcia

    Depressing. Immigrating enemies is stupid beyond imagining.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Good. Send all the refugees there

  • marty_p

    Richmond Hill ON – MPP is a Mo…MP is a Mo.

  • canminuteman

    Now that the majority of the people are arabs, what do they expect?

  • ntt1

    way past the tipping point Dearborn is screwed.