Hate crimes in Canada are outliers, not evidence of an epidemic

You’d think there were Qur’an burnings on every street corner in Canada.

  • robins111

    There ain’t koran burning at every intersection, but if the libs, media and grievance mongers don’t smarten up, there’ll not only be koran burnings but they’ll be duct taped to one of those fools faces.

  • Gary

    Amazing how this comes up right when M-103 wants to prove rampant islamophopbia to justify Sharia Blasphemy laws to silence people into accept jihad slaughters and just STFU and die.

    I’d like to see the Court STATS for Conviction because anyone can file an allegation of a hate-crime which the NCCM is well aware of because it used to be CAIR that had Sheema Khan going on the CBC to push fake islamophobia attacks .
    CAIR USA is know for posting FAKE hate-crime stories from canada while CAIR-Canada would post FAKE hate-crime from the USA cite.
    They knew how lazy and stupid their hate-filled followers are that wouldn’t research the story which helps fuel more hatred for the West to do jihad as revenge.
    CAIR tried to pawn-off a rigged Survey to prove islamophobia at the Arar Inquiry. But the Crown lawyer ripped Khan to pieces as she squirmed trying to NOT tell the truth under Oath. CAIR made up a number of 40,000 attacks on muslims by their survey where they asked muslims to file a complaint
    even if it was in the 3rd person by hearing of a hate-crime.
    In the end…. the survey was about 600 people mostly from the Email Address list or people from pro-sharia sunni mosques tied to CAIR. But close to 50% of the complaints were from Foreign students at York U and U of T , what was worse was that CAIR NEVER did a follow-up to confirm the attack or filter out a person with multiple email addresses .

    In 2008, the FBI expose CAIR for funding terrorism via Hamas. Sheema Khan jumped ship while CAIR-Can became the NCCM . The CBC never demanded the Khan come back and explain why she failed to admit that her Org was funding terrorism while she used the CBC for dawah .

  • tom_billesley

    Canadian Muslims, not Muslim Canadians I see.

    • Good catch.

    • Tooth&Claw

      Telling isn’t it? We already know their allegiance is to Islam and the umma, not Canada

  • Alain

    Even if there were koran burnings on every corner, so what? People have been able to burn/trash the Bible and even the Torah for years without causing a raised eyebrow. None of these should be a criminal act.

    • Tooth&Claw

      Yup. I can do what I wish to dispose of my property. Burning is the proper method for a Koran.

    • tom_billesley

      My local pet store has only got plain black plastic bags for picking up dog poop.
      Would there be a market for bags printed with koranical verses?

  • Jaedo Drax

    Out of those 159 crimes, how many were solved with a person charged? Can anyone point to a charging sheet? Or convictions?

    I wonder if the YoBs that are committing the vandalism noticed that hate vandalism doesn’t get much press but against muslims it gets tonnes?

    Either way, solve the crimes, send the perps off to jail, and move on.

  • All crimes are acts of hatred.

    Muslims (as Ibn Warraq noted) are obsessed with victimhood and feelings of inadequacy.

    Rational people will condemn vandalism and assault. What they shouldn’t condemn is criticism of Islamism because that is not a crime.

  • WalterBannon

    I wish there was Qur’an burnings on every street corner in Canada.