Assassination List Found On James Hodgkinson’s Body

James T. Hodgkinson, the shooter who opened fire on dozens of Republican congressmen and staffers at a baseball practice in Alexandria, Virginia, on Wednesday, had a list of Republican names in his pocket that was recovered by the FBI, The Daily Caller has learned.

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  • Watchman

    Republicans will be blamed for getting their names on that list as well as being blamed for the ‘atmosphere of violence’ that is driving attacks against Republicans.

    • Clausewitz

      It’s called the “LOOK WHAT YOU MADE ME DO” defense.

  • Alain

    Why are they not arresting and charging those who were and are accessories to the crime, or is being an accessory not longer a criminal offence?

    • ntt1

      that would mean a large cross section of the media including the CNN news presenter that hundreds of anonymous sources claim has covfefe tattooed high on her inner thigh.