Two “Canadians” charged in beating of anti-Erdogan protesters in Washington

Two Canadians, at least one a resident of Toronto, have been charged in the beating of peaceful protesters outside the Washington, D.C. residence of the Turkish ambassador to the United States.

Toronto’s Ahmet Dereci, a devoted supporter of Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan, was captured on video joining Erdogan’s bodyguards in a May attack that sent nine people to the hospital and became an international incident.

  • The Butterfly

    Just a couple of good ol’ Mimico boyz!

    • Diversity makes us stronger!

    • Sharkibark

      Ahmet…. sounds like a traditional Canadian name.

    • Clink9

      The Lakeshore!

  • useless opinion

    Seem like they might be from Yellowknife! Oh well, make them face the music in the US, they might learn some manners.

  • P_F

    What makes these 2subhuman mohamedans Canadians?? A piece of govt issued paper?? If that’s all one needs these days to identify himself as Canadians then no doubt Canada is doomed.

  • terrence22

    Check out this post at Legal Insurrection – most, if not all, of the turks are back in turkey. I expect the so-called Canadians are too

  • WalterBannon

    Two “Canadians”

  • Pröksié SteelyDanzig Shürvaar

    And to think that these geniuses woke up with even less respect from the non-idiot community to count on. Great endgame, fuckwads.Everybody with a brain can’t stand you and want you gone gone gone!