The unbearable smugness of Chrystia Freeland

Properly funding our military is a legitimate goal of the federal government.

So why do the Trudeau Liberals feel the need to dress it up in the form of smug criticism of President Donald Trump and our American neighbours, as they did last week?

When are Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Co. going to grow up and act like the leaders of a confident, independent, sovereign nation, that doesn’t define itself by taking cheap shots at the U.S.?

  • ontario john

    Anyone who believes that the Liberal Party is going to pump more money into the military is a complete idiot. They are already looking at obsolete crap from Europe to buy fighter jets.

    • mobuyus

      They will spend the money on diversity, and tranny sensitivity training for our men and women and things in uniform. Millions will be spent embedding islam in every unit. They will spend more millions devising ways to take the enemy in the rear, a more liberal and friendly way of engaging with the enemy. Millions will be spent trying to convince Canadians that the enemy is really our new cuddlly friend.

  • Gary

    During the 2015 Election it now makes sense for why she dyed her hair blonde and avoided any close-up photo-ops or videos. She wanted to look young but now as an MP in the House I see how she looks in her 60’s since the camera treats everyone equal .

    The CBC and STAR don’t seem to care that her grandfather lied to get into Canada by his omission of that fact that he supported the nazi’s .

    • Justin St.Denis

      We should always refer to her thusly: “Nazi descendant Chrystia Freeland….”

    • I call her the Nazi Spawn.

  • Editor

    When you define yourself by your petty knee-jerk anti-americanism to pander to your university indoctrinated, cultural marxist voting bloc, that’s hardly something you grow out of. They’re more likely to double down than rethink their position in the current political climate where everybody is a nazi I suspect tweets and likes are an important indicator of popular opinion to these narcissist ideologues.

  • Justin St.Denis

    I must disagree. Taking cheap shots at the USA is a defining characteristic of Canadian culture – unfortunately. This comes from the accumulated Canadian resentment at being a second-rate, also-ran NewWorld political entity that never lived up to its potential. Instead of doing the latter, Canada got mired in comparing itself to the USA and finding reasons to condemn America/Americans. This was an enormous waste of time since most Americans are barely aware of Canada to this day. This situation is NOT an American failing, but Canada’s. Like new shoes, the truth can be a tad uncomfortable for many…..

    • mauser 98

      said it for years….100 yards past the border Canada does not exist

    • It is a sickness in the culture.

  • ntt1

    I believe her smugness is like that of all liberals; a complete lack of recognition of that which goes on around them. a sort of cognitive dissonance that is borne out of deep stupidity, in the liberal party depth of stupidity is one of their proud defining traits right up to a leader who is basically stupider than a rock.

  • This chest-puffing always amounts to nothing.

    Not everyone is naive, Chrystia.

  • J. C.

    Total ‘punch-face’…

    • mobuyus

      Maybe with a mailed fist.

  • Alain

    The Americans should consider banning these idiots from entering the United States along with expelling our “diplomats”.

  • Maggat

    “When are Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Co. going to grow up and act
    like the leaders of a confident, independent, sovereign nation, that
    doesn’t define itself by taking cheap shots at the U.S.?”
    In answer to your question, probably never.

  • A Hamilton Guy

    The money pump is just a diversion to get the dumb and dumber to vote lieberal in the next election. After they win with their b.s. they’ll drop it like a hot potato. Same old shit.

    • mobuyus

      The money pump will keep pumping for liberal virtue signaling and narrative shaping. We of course will not see a cent of it nor will one cent of it be spent on anything worthwhile. Liberal hacks pets and perverts will be the only beneficiaries of any spending.