‘Why I joined a terrorist group’

Because you’re a Muslim?

Mostafa Mahamed – Muslim Terrorist, hopefully dead soon

Sydney-raised Islamist extremist says he joined al-Qaeda’s Syrian branch after the Australian government cancelled his passport

  • Norman_In_New_York

    May a Kurdish girl send him to hell.

    • terrence22

      soaked in bacon grease..

  • ‘Why I joined a terrorist group’

    Because you wanted to go hell early in life instead of later?

    • John Boy

      That’s better than my answer for him of: because he is a moron and he follows the written claims of the words of his “god” transcribed from an illiterate pedophile.

  • Watchman

    In other words, “I joined a terrorist group because the Australian government refused to allow me to overseas to join a terrorist group.”
    Maybe he is just differentiating between which terrorist group he was going to join.

    • Frances

      Actually, I rather think the issue was that he went overseas to Syria and THEN the Australian authorities cancelled his passport so he couldn’t return there. So the question becomes “Why did you travel to Syria in the first place?”.