Ramadan Prayers Near Virgin Mary Statue Spark Outrage in Spain

A Muslim Ramadan prayer service at a Catholic site in the Spanish city of Granada has spurred controversy among residents and politicians, with some calling the event “disrespectful” and provocative.

I expect nothing more of Islam, an ugly supremacist cult.

  • When they find out that Our Lady of Fatima is actually Jewish …

    Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Placido Domingo:


    • Ouchy!

    • Watchman

      Nah, the muslims believe Mary, mother of Jesus was a muslim, as was Jesus and every prophet before Jesus also were muslims. Muslims believe that the Jews and Christians edited, forged, appended and distorted their holy texts that would have otherwise shown that they were actually practicing muslim rituals and believing muslim beliefs, and that Muhammed actually redelivered a true copy of the original to bring the true islam back to a world distorted by the modified Jewish and Christian religions. So muslims would not be perturbed at all. They just think the Christians are lying.

      • Read surahs 5:25 and 5:75. They may have plagiarised the Bible but they don’t believe it. Tell them that Mary is the Mother of God and watch some heads implode.