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George W. Bush ‘War Crimes’ Trial Begins In California Court

Former President George. W Bush may face trial at a California court for committing war crimes in Iraq, in an unprecedented announcement made by the U.S. Court of Appeal.

The United States Court of Appeal for the Ninth Circuit today confirmed that Judges Susan Graber and Andrew Hurwitz will hear arguments on December 12, 2016, in the case of Saleh v. Bush.

‘Are you a boy or a girl’? How Drag Queen Story Hour is opening children’s minds

The story hours have come under fire recently by conservative publications for allegedly using public resources to indoctrinate children with leftist views.

“Apparently, people around the country are interested in having their tax dollars spent paying for drag queens to read to their children,” wrote education blogger Amelia Hamilton in the National Review last month.

Oxford Rewrites History Exam to Make it Easier for Women to Get Top Grades

Academics at the university – often ranked top in the world for history – will now allow students to do one exam at home, rather than in an exam hall.

The move – immediately attacked as a “soft” alternative – was made because authorities felt female students were getting too few first-class degrees.

Saudi Arabia’s Connection to Radicalizing British Jihadis

In the wake of the London Bridge attack on June 3, which came on the heels of the Manchester Arena bombing, Britain’s approach to combating terrorism has come under scrutiny at home and abroad. Judging by man-in-the-street interviews, it played a significant role in the June 8 general election, the outcome of which – a victory for Prime Minister Theresa May against Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, yet a hung parliament – reflected a split in voter perception over whom was to blame for the country’s precarious security situation and which party is better suited to rectify it.

Women-only spa stirs controversy after transgender woman turned away

A popular women-only spa is at the centre of a social media maelstrom after a transgender woman said she was not allowed to enter because of a policy forbidding male genitalia.

Transgender author Jia Qing Wilson-Yang tweeted on Friday that her wife had hoped to make her a surprise appointment at Body Blitz, a water circuit spa with multiple locations in Toronto, but had been told that Wilson-Yang would not be allowed in.

Forget sanctuary cities – the courts created a sanctuary nation

Sanctuary cities are yesterday’s news. There might be 375 jurisdictions that refuse to cooperate with federal immigration authorities, but unless the courts are reined in, they will create a de facto sanctuary nation policy by preventing even cooperative states and localities from following the law.

In other words, much like we are told “gay marriage is the law of the land,” the lower courts are now making sanctuary cities the law of the land.

Australia: Muslims plan cradle-to-grave Islamic enclave in Brisbane

Plans for an Islamic ‘mega project’ in Brisbane featuring a mosque, apartments and a childcare centre have been condemned by the community who have slammed it as a segregated Muslim enclave.

The development – which will provide cradle to grave care for Muslims – has sparked fury with residents at a nearby retirement village.


Passport to Paradise – the catchy titles that militants use in propaganda

Militants have been using various methods to lure ordinary people into their group. One of the modes they use to encourage people to join militancy is by providing them with books that sugar-coat extremist ideology.

This takes place at the initial stage. After militants lay their eyes on a potential recruit, they start exchanging books that focus extensively on their faith.

Some of these books use pretentious titles like “Passport to Paradise” and “Passport for Hereafter” to manipulate unsuspecting people’s faith and lure them into militancy.

Hate crimes against Muslims in Canada up 60%, StatsCan reports

The number of police-reported hate crimes against Muslims jumped by 60 per cent in 2015 compared to the previous year, according to Statistics Canada.

New data released Tuesday show there were 159 anti-Muslim incidents reported to police that year, up from 99 the year before.

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