Adam Carolla explains his experience with “white privilege”

Adam Carolla and Dennis Prager are touring U.S. college campuses talking about their forthcoming movie, No Safe Spaces…

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  • Clausewitz
  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Replace the words “White Privilege” with either “Evil Spirits” or “Good Vibrations” and the sentence will not be any less true.

  • Hard Little Machine

    In the civil service (god how I hate that term), you get points on the exams for being a minority, female, gay, veteran and handicapped. If you can’t check one of those boxes, don’t apply for a job with the Federal government. The same thing is true in Federal contracting. The set asides for firms that predominately hire those groups of people or who are owned by those groups of people are massive. It doesn’t matter if your workforce is all in wheelchairs, if you submit a bid to mow the grass at Federal monuments your bid will float to near or at the top of the list. The only areas where this is not the case is in defense related industries or intelligence related industries where the driver is security clearance. In every other sphere the GS grade person you have to deal with got their job because of their color, sexual orientation, gender or handicap.

  • Dink Newcomb

    In my early 20s, I finally landed a starter job in construction. AS Corolla said, I was rock bottom– pick up trash, sweep debris, etc. I was the only white guy in that echelon at the time and I became the fly on the wall in the crew as I became just part of the background and largely (in the group) mostly only speaking when spoken to. A cadre of the black guys would relax and all get in a group and sit around and BS over Whitey exploiting them when the main crew (carpenters, etc) were all black There were black, white and mixed crews on that job. Houses built for black clients generally had mostly black crew. The laborers were polarized between those who kept grinding away and those who largely just sat there at any opportunity. I got satisfactory respect from those black, rated tradesmen (carpenters, etc) and I noticed that so did the black laborers who avoided the BS group. Months of this and eventually I became a carpenter’s helper amid the bumps up also for the determined black laborers. The job was damn near the same but I also got to actually get the correct materials needed by the carpenter. Too many more months and I was raised to APPRENTICE CARPENTER!! Buddy, my key teacher/carpenter led me down a long hallway where there were two walk-in closets opposite each other. I was to put baseboard in them because for a beginner’s efforts, any errors were not as critical as the living room. Buddy is talking away and flings open the door only to find one of the old laborer BS crew sleeping, sitting on an inverted 5gal sheetrock mud bucket, leaning against the wall. This was a guy who was a laborer when I got there, as I worked while he sat and bullshitted for more months and was still a laborer as myself and the determined black laborers moved beyond him.
    I struggled with the new job, finished and took the minute (degrading, it seemed) criticism of the job but sucked it up and listened closely to the real message– how to improve my work. Then, as Buddy went back to his finish job, I opened the other closet. How about this, there was another of my old co-“workers” from laborer days, sitting on another “mud” bucket but awake from all the fuss in the hall sitting there with cartoon eyes bugging out of his head in the terror of overhearing Buddy giving the other fool hell and not being able to escape for 30 min or so and sitting in the dark in high anxiety. I stepped out in the hall and called Buddy who actually lead this fool to the big boss for a little ‘splaining .
    Anyhow, that is my experience with white privelege! Its odd that the negroes that wanted a job and wanted to do well and have pride were also offered what the rotting humus pile at the bottom are now calling white privilege. I still know some of those determined black men 40+ years later and you know, none of the ones that I still know has ever spent a day in jail, burgled someone else’s house or participated in a drive-by shooting over a long weekend to get some street cred.