University warns over ‘inappropriate’ lavatory habits – blaming foreign students for defecating in the showers and dustbins

Students at one of Scotland’s top universities have been told off for pooing in showers and bins.

Bosses at Strathclyde University were forced to send a memo to the 400 students and 250 staff asking them to stop with their ‘inappropriate’ toilet habits.

The memo, posted on Thursday, was sent by the operations management team of the University’s Technology and Innovation Centre.

But it’s so Multicultural!

h/t JEH

  • Editor

    Oooohh, that’s going to be a tough one. A toss up between the UK’s love of pig headed, blind enforcement of ” ‘elf and safety” rules by obtuse jobsworths and their abject deference to multiculturalism and community cohesion. I’m actually surprised the memo was even sent in the first place.

  • Dana Garcia

    Obviously, orientation for diverse students needs to include basic housebreaking.

    • Observer

      Wouldn’t that violate their Sharia “laws” to follow the rules of “disbelievers”?

      • David Murrell

        Indeed. Toilet trainIng might be seen as white, priviledged behaviour.

  • Hard Little Machine

    THIS IS OPPRESSION THIS WILL NOT STAND. Free shitting for everyone everywhere.

    • San Francisco had it!

    • Editor

      Yeah! White folks and their shit privelege . . . Or something. I’m still offended!

  • Clink9

    The people that let these pets in should be responsible for following them around with a scoop and poop bags.

  • tom_billesley

    Perhaps it’s messing up any plans for eco-friendly greywater recycling.

    Greywater recycling systems collect the water you’ve used in your sinks, dishwashers, showers and baths, and then clean it up and plumb it straight back into your toilet, washing machine and outside tap.

    Really wouldn’t want to be washing my clothes in someone else’s diluted poo.

    • Yikes!

    • Manual Paleologos

      Indeed, the fecal coliform and BOD of greywater are pretty high. About the only safe things you can do with it are flush toilets and water the roses.

      It’s a typical greenie scam. In most of the Developed World, there is no shortage of healthful water. There is just a self-made perception there is not.

    • UCSPanther

      Most greywater disposal systems that I have seen are more intended to relieve the strain on septic systems by directing the water into rocks pits away from the house. No recycling there.

  • Del Evans

    A friend of mine is a custodian for Toronto Schools. He told me that whenever there is a function that brings the parents into the school the washrooms are a right off. They even shit in the urinals. Hang the politicians. All of them. Lets start again

    • occupant 9

      I work in a public “venue” let’s say, a “health” venue and I’ve seen the urinal used as a toilet too and yes, we’ve many, um, “out of towners”.

  • Drunk_by_Noon
  • marty_p

    I am sure that TTC washrooms have similar issues.

  • politicallynaive


  • Manual Paleologos

    I don’t call it The Turd World for nothing.

  • A Hamilton Guy

    They’re mad cause there is no sand to shit in, or wipe their ass.

  • Lucinda Knowlton

    This is what I find so unfathomable about these people. You have to TELL them they shouldn’t shiat on floors, showers and in the street. What the hell!