‘This was not a coincidence’: Trump slogans are photoshopped out of New Jersey high school yearbook

A New Jersey high school has censored out mentions of Donald Trump in their yearbook and now the school is investigating the ‘possible violation of First Amendment rights’.

One student at Wall Township High School in New Jersey had submitted a Donald Trump quote that wasn’t included with her picture.

Two others had Trump logos on their clothes either cropped or edited out of their pictures.

  • tom_billesley

    Too many white faces in that yearbook …. use photoshop to darken the skin tone

  • Editor

    The Yearbook coordinator will get a couple of weeks off with pay, a temporary wink-wink, nudge-nudge letter of reprimand from her leftist school board, which she will wear as a badge of honor in her estrogen rich academic and union circle, the story will die down and everything will go back to “Trump hating” normal.

    • Hard Little Machine

      If it were me I’d gather up as many of the books as possible and burn them in front of the school.

  • Hard Little Machine

    At the very least all those students should boycott their own graduation. The school will likely flip out and refuse to graduate them and or call the cops on them etc etc because that’s what schools do and then all the admins can lose their jobs.

    • Editor

      I’m with you until the “admins can lose their jobs.” part. As much as I agree, it never happens. How many times have we seen the leftist agenda pushed in schools, e.g. stealth study of the pillars of islam disguised as history class, visits to mosques, hijab days, course credit for attending anti Trump demos, failing grades for not toeing the leftist line, prohibition of conservative clubs and events on many campuses, “delay” in releasing student election results when they do not conform to the admins sjw wishes, etc. The examples are numerous and the consequences few and far between.

  • ontario john

    The students are obviously Russian spies.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Can they at least name the teachers responsible?
    So far they haven’t.

  • roccolore

    I think we all know what would happen if “Black Lives Matter” were censored.