So why did you attend a Catholic school in the 1st Place?

Students can opt out of religious classes at Muskoka Catholic schools after human rights complaint complaint settled

TORONTO – An Ontario Catholic school board is amending its policies to give students more flexibility to opt out of religious classes or activities.

The move by the Simcoe Muskoka Catholic District School Board comes as a result of a human rights complaint lodged by a former student, who argued she was discriminated against when she sought an exemption from religious classes.

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  • Clink9

    Some are born male, some female and some are born assholes.

    • Mike Williams

      And you can tell this without knowing the backstory?

      • Clink9

        It’s amazing right?

        • Mike Williams

          I guess you are proving your point…

  • Mike Williams

    Because there are communities like mine (Stittsville) with no public high school! We are the largest in Ontario without one but we do have 2 Catholic high schools.

    We looked into sending our daughter to the relatively close-by Catholic high school but the principal made it clear we’d have to take them to court so she wouldn’t have to waste 1 credit per year taking religious ed and be forced into partaking in religious activities.

    Why this had to go the the HRC is baffling as I understand it was part of the law that created the catholic system (when Bill Davis sold out the public school system in Ontario).

    • Clink9

      The law goes back to the formation of Canada.

      • Mike Williams


        • Clink9


          • Mike Williams

            Did you actually read this arguably Catholic propaganda?

            The relevant bit to this HRC ruling:
            “…in June, 1984, the very same William Davis
            announced funding completion for Catholic high schools, just before his retirement. By 1987, the
            Peterson Liberal government, in association with the N
            ew Democratic Party under Bob Rae,
            successfully survived a Supreme Court challenge to Bill 30 (for funding completion) and had
            rolled out funds for the three senior grades in Catholic schools. These years marked a revolution in Catholic education as new secondary schools were erected across the province.”

            From this point on the public (secular) system was screwed as their funding was diverted to building new Catholic schools. Just take a tour of the schools in your city (I got to via my daughter’s involvement in sports)…the difference is dramatic. The public kids know their schools are crap (but as they say they are their crap).

    • Start your own school or home-school.

      Perhaps it didn’t occur to one that some people want their kids to have a Catholic education and therefore send them to an institution that offers that.

      In India, a Catholic school is often the only way a Hindu or Muslim student can escape the caste system and poverty.

      • Mike Williams

        They are not being denied a catholic education. Families are being forced to put their kids thru a catholic system or have them take long bus rides and/or go to shit hole public schools

        • I’m sorry. I seemed to have overlooked the part where that was my concern.

          You are the primary educator of your children, not anyone else, even the people are compensated very well for that purpose. If you feel that Catholicism is not your cup of tea for whatever reason, then it is up to you and you alone to either send them to another school, home-school your kids or -if one must bite the proverbial bullet and send one’s children to a Catholic school – then accept that school for what it is and mentally orientate your kids accordingly.

          As a kid, I’ve had to walk or endure long bus rides to get to school my parents looked into before sending myself and siblings. Many parents make all manner of sacrifices or make do. Sending kids to a Catholic school isn’t akin to chopping off their arms. It’s an education.

          This policy egged on by some bitter pill then opens the doors for other things people want or don’t want, ultimately eliminating the reason why people have X school in the first place.

          • Mike Williams

            My child has the legal right to go to the Catholic school (in Ontario) regardless of her religion. The Catholic school boards are (imho illegally and supported by theis HRC ruling)) mandating that she waste 1/8 of her education taking useless religion classes.

          • Again, I’m missing the part where I should be concerned with this or how you have no options whatsoever.

            That “… waste 1/8 of her education taking useless religion classes …” part – I got that loud and clear.

            It’s obvious where your bias lies.

            Are there any other accommodations everyone should have to make because something personally irks you?

          • Clink9

            Because his schools suck, it’s best to make all schools suck.

          • Well, naturally.

          • Clink9

            Best to kill something 40% of Ontario families like.

          • Mike Williams

            And 60% don’t.

          • Because screw democracy.

          • Mike Williams

            So you are happy with the poor state of public schools in Ontario?

          • Clink9

            Not my problem.

          • Mike Williams

            And you decided to join this discussion because…your an asshole!

          • Clink9

            And you’re name caller?

          • Mike Williams

            You called the complainant an asshole so you warranted and have earned it.

          • Clink9

            No, I just threw out a generalization about the human condition. Anyone that wants to water down the anti muslim school board is not helping the current war we’re in.

          • Mike Williams

            Where does it say they are Muslim? I read it as someone who didn’t want Catholic propaganda forced on them…something I have explained in multiple posts is a problem with the Ontario system. But I assume since you are willing to accept a Catholic system you would have no problem with a Muslim, Hindu, or Sikh system. I on the other hand want a secular system.

          • Clink9

            No, muslims are waging a war with us and should be shut down. You want to destroy a school board that works.

          • Now, you’re just getting angry.

            Calm down.

          • If the schools are so poor, look no further than the quality of curricula and those designing and delivering it.

          • Mike Williams

            My bias lies in paying the same taxes as my Catholic neighbors to go to a crappy school that is a 30 minute bus ride in a different town when all we wanted is her rights to not have to take religious education classes.

          • It’s very clear that you don’t like Catholicism or those who adhere to it.

            That’s all on you.

            You know what options are open to you.

            If you leave your kid at a Catholic school, then you should know what to expect.

            People who are not Catholic have functioned perfectly well in Catholic schools.

  • Oracle9

    Meanwhile, send your kids to public school and they get mandatory Islamic conversion training. We had better get our priorities figured out, pronto.

  • Sharkibark

    Why aren’t all religious schools de-funded? I understand that at one point there was a need for Protestant (english) and Catholic (french) schools – the Protestant schools morphing into what is now the public system. If there are enough Catholics to privately fund the schools, good for them! Just like any other private school, Christian, Jewish or other. It’s time to stop this ridiculous redundancy in the system. Newfoundland did it almost 20 years ago and the sky amazingly enough did not fall.

    • School vouchers.

      People have to re-think how people are educated and trained, anyway.

      The above story just illustrates how obtuse people can be.

      • DMB

        School vouchers are the best form of education system outside from being educated at home. It is also a far more inexpensive form of education because it takes control out of the hands of teachers unions and useless school boards.

    • canminuteman

      They are privately funded in a way. When you pay property taxes you decide whether the school portion of the tax bill gets remitted to the public system or the catholic system, so you support the school board of your choice.

      Personally I think public education is a system whose time has passed and I would get the government out of it entirely. We did just fine for 9,900 of the past ten thousand years without a government run school system.

    • Clink9

      I like to break out my Wynne-O-Meter sometimes. She would take a f#*kn’ flamethrower to the Catholic board if left up to her.

      And Turdo, and the homosexuals, and Antifa, and all lefties, and muzleems, and ……..

      So I’ll take the other side.

  • What utter horsesh–.

  • Mike Williams

    This is an excellent ruling for the Ontario parents of children forced into Catholic schools due to lack of public schools in their town (my case), who don’t want to put their children onto school buses (a case in my town is of family across the street from the Catholic school), don’t want their kids going to school in another town, or just don’t want their kids going to a run-down public school (which I believe is the norm in this province).

    The #1 villain in this is the province who has neglected to build/maintain public schools. This situation is worsened if you happen to live in a PC voting town (quel surprise). We moved here 13 years before my daughter was to start high school, the land was allocated, the school plan/design was in place and every year this school has missed the funding cut despite being in the last round every year (I believe the current population is 45,000 so this isn’t a small town but it is a PC voting town).

    The #2 villains are the Catholic School Boards who have fought this for years and refuse to make accommodations. They can’t legally block non-Catholics from attending but they sure discourage it. We went to a meet-the-principal prior to my daughter picking a school and the principal clearly didn’t want her attending. The principal’s school is over-crowded so maybe she just didn’t want more students…or she was racist. My daughter walked away from this meeting feeling unwelcome and not wanting to lose electives. The irony is their Catholic students suffer as a result because they lose 4 electives due to the religious education requirement.

    As a result of this HRC based ruling (kudos to the former student for taking this tack) is that the Catholic School Boards are going to have to “… simplify and clarify the process for obtaining an exemption…”. It won’t impact any Catholic students at all it will just give the other students back their rights to a public, secular, education.

    • Clink9

      Are you muslim?

      • Mike Williams

        Are you stupid? Don’t answer I have already figured that out since you don’t understand what “secular” means.

        • Why don’t you support other means of education like charter schools or school vouchers?

          Or is it easier to make demands of others?

    • Alain

      I have been following this exchange without commenting until now. You are not entitled to claim victimhood here. My first son spent an hour on the school bus in Quebec as early as grade one to attend the closest “Protestant” English school. It was because at that time in Quebec if you wanted your children to attend an English school, you were considered Protestant. We were not Christian but we knew that the English school system in our area provided a much better education than the French one did. That was our choice and we had to fight off constant threats from the Quebec government about our child being an “illegal” student and must be sent to a French school.

      Still all of us managed it well right up to when I was able to leave Quebec and move to BC. But for whatever reason you seem to have a bee in your bonnet as the expression goes about Catholics that I do not share. The bottom line remains that you must choose which offers the best education for your child/children and then follow through even if it means a longer ride on the school bus.