Researchers Say Russian Hackers Can Now Cause Major Power Outages

Hackers believed to be allied with the Russian government have devised a cyberweapon that has the potential to be highly disruptive against the world’s electrical systems, researchers reported on June 12.

The malware, which researchers have dubbed CrashOverride or Industroyer, is known to have disrupted the electrical system in Ukraine in December, briefly shutting down one-fifth of Kyiv’s electric power.

Dragos, one of the cybersecurity firms that identified the malware in a report on June 12, said Russian government hackers have shown an interest in targeting power grids in other countries as well, including the United States.

  • Alain

    Such an obsession to create a false boogyman: Russia, while we continue letting in the real boogymen claiming they are not a danger.

    • Russian hackers are no myth.

      It’s just a myth that they alone are the reason why leftists aren’t getting their way.

      • Alain

        Not denying that Russian hackers exist, since just about every country has them. My point is the absurdity of claiming that the Russian government using hackers is ready to launch a cyberattack on us. Russia is NOT our enemy, but some just keep fanning the flames determined to turn Russia into an enemy. I see it as part of the plan to delegitimise the election of Trump; in fact to ensure that he will not be able to fulfil his duty as president. Russia is therefore evil and Trump is somehow connected. Enough already.