Progressive Silicon Valley Parents Freak Out Over Sex Ed

More than 1,000 Palo Alto, California, parents say a curriculum with homosexuality, sex toys, and teenage hookups is too explicit. The school board says too bad.

Even parents in one of the richest, most progressive cities in the nation worry about what their kids are learning about sex.

More than 1,600 parents in Palo Alto, California, have signed a petition to stop their school district’s sex education program until it’s changed. These Silicon Valley parents say they are concerned by descriptions provided to middle school students that describe explicit sexual experiences including masturbation, premarital sex, and the use of sex toys.

  • Literally Hitler

    Is Ben Levin recycling his shit from behind bars?

    • Heh;) I think it’s a case of Blue State parents being fed the same crap they wish on the Red States.

      • WalterBannon

        soon enough their little hitler youth children will be reporting their parents to the Gestapo for political crimes

        now that will be good times

        fascist-liberal dystopia

  • That’s yet another way to tell a Liberal from a Progressive- Liberals get shocked when the stupid stuff they help the Progressives achieve finally affect them in their little liberal bubble. I loved it when I read that some liberal moron said, ” I voted for Obama Care but I had no idea I was going to have to pay for it!”

    • bargogx1

      It’s like they have some kind of disconnect from reality. They support these things because they want to seem all “progressive” and stuff, never seeming to consider how they might affect the day to day lives of themselves and others.

  • People were able to marry and have families well before this stuff became mandatory.

    Now that it is mandatory, people don’t know where babies come from, they believe that there are any number of sexes and Big Contraception is making a mint.

  • Hard Little Machine

    no, sorry. those are the rules. live sex acts in school, forcible rape, group sex, bestiality and the like. how else will they even BE rich white liberals in the future.

    carry on.