Mandatory Trans in Canada

In the United States we have already seen many states ban s-called “conversion therapy” whereby a medical professional is not allowed to suggest that maybe, juuust maybe, a “gender confused” boy is actually a boy, or an actual girl a girl—despite this being but a transient phase that the kids get over.

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  • tom_billesley

    Schools will be given a target: two trannies in every class or funding will be cut.

    • mobuyus

      Their ultimate goal will be to have trannys accompany children into the washrooms and change rooms.

  • WalterBannon

    liberals are evil scum

  • Jaedo Drax

    whatever you do, don’t read this article, it’s heresy:

  • Gary

    Wynne had a bit of a problem because she made a choice to leave her male Husband and the children to become gay and further he political goals .

    Svend Robinson left his wife for the same reason but I doubt they saw the mess it would cause in the future.

    Wynne is now forced to go Full-Retard as part of her charade to support the LGBTQEWT2 community no matter how many children are psychologically harmed . As for Svend , I still have a gut feeling that he wanted out of the planned marriage to a man and he made a free will choice to steal that $60,000.00 Ring as a ruse to ruin his relationship and end the charade.

    yes…..Svend did get married, but many humans need to be loved and will even get it from people they don’t really like .

    Liberalism on its own is Mental disorder . Then you add up an habitual liar to it where we have Wynne that is driving Ontario into ground while giving FREE health care to Tourists and illegals because it’s 2017 .


    Bob Rae was a sane man that was in the NDP to do good on Earth. The stress of his failed term as the Premier of Ontario cause a Mental illness to the point that he never fully recovered and was perfect for the Liberal Party which he is now part of.

  • Make sure that the fascists are filmed when they drag children from their homes and families.

  • bargogx1

    What a bunch of assholes who voted in favour of this asshattery.

  • DMB
    • mauser 98

      so forwarded