Katy Perry’s Livestream Was Really Boring And Sad

Katy Perry’s newfound woke-ness isn’t fooling anyone.

Katy Perry live-streamed herself for four days straight to promote her new album, and it was a boring, uncomfortable mess.

As I wrote back in February, Perry’s first single “Chained to the Rythm” from her fifth album “Witness” sounds objectively bad, as does every other song on her album. I’m not the only one who holds this opinion—you can read mean reviews of her album here, including my favorite line from The Herald Sun: “She’s tried to make her own Lemonade, but it’s closer to flat home-brand cola.”

Everything Perry has done to promote her dud of an album — including her recent wokeness — seems like desperate attention-grabbing from a woman undergoing an apparent identity crisis.