Antifa Arrested After Allegedly Stabbing Police Horse In The Neck

An “anti-fascist” (antifa) counter-protester at the “March Against Sharia” in Harrisburg, PA was arrested Saturday after allegedly stabbing a police horse in the neck with a flag pole.

Lisa Simon, 23, was with a group of antifa demonstrators at the march when she attacked a police horse named Samson with a flag pole that had a silver nail attached at the top. Simon hit Samson in the side of the neck, reports Fox 43.

Luckily, Samson had only minor injuries, and Simon was taken into custody after resisting arrest.

  • WalterBannon

    Lisa Simon, 23, Nazi Scumbag Douche

  • Frances

    Note to protesters: never attack a horse. The IRA bombings didn’t attract much opprobium until they attacked the Blues & Royals parading through Hyde Park on horseback. It wasn’t that they killed soldiers that occasioned the censure; it was that seven horses died.

    • The Deplorable Rosenmops

      If you abuse or kill dogs, cats or horses, almost everyone will hate you. And good thing too.

  • mobuyus

    These fascists like all fascists must be sent to their doom.

    • A flagpole to the neck, perhaps? She probably wouldn’t take it as well as Samson… An eye for an eye and a horse’s ass for a horse

    • Alain

      Had I been the rider I would have made sure my horse stomped the living shit out of her.

  • Alain

    Where is PETA and all those radical animal rights activists? Send them after this bitch.

  • These people are just bloody evil.

  • bargogx1

    What the hell more proof is needed that they’re a terrorist group?

  • Hard Little Machine

    Now ya done fucked up. You can kill people but hurting an animal is an automatic death sentence in America. sorry those are the rules.