Syrian Asylum Seekers Arrested for Filming and Molesting Underage Girls

Four Syrian asylum seekers were arrested by police in the German town of Löbau after they filmed and molested underage girls at a swimming pool.

Police arrested the group of Syrian asylum seekers at the Herrenmannsbad outdoor swimming pool on Friday. Two of the men, aged 31 and 27, are said to have filmed several underage girls at the facility against their permission and then tried to sexually touch them in the swimming pool, MDR reports.

“Two asylum seekers, or perhaps four, have bothered girls there. They also made videos and that is the charge. We are now awaiting the investigation of the police and the prosecution,” said the mayor of Löbau Dietmar Buchholz.

  • irishrus

    Homo in picture must be into Extreme masochism

    • A Hamilton Guy

      He hoes to get molested.

  • irishrus

    Oh sorry, I didn’t recognize you, Sir Elton …. how’s the kids

  • Editor

    I bet you they would stop if Sweden gave them more welfare, bigger apartments and . . . Air Jordans.

  • Watchman

    My guess is their two excuses are:
    1) “Underage?” They were 9 years old and suitable for marriage and consummating that marriage
    2) They had no idea that molesting young girls were not to be molested in Germany, after all by appearing mostly unclothed in public they obviously had abandoned all propriety and thus the protection of the community

  • Observer

    Birds gotta fly,
    fish gotta swim….

  • Mickey Oberman

    Merkel strikes again!

  • Mickey Oberman

    Tell it to Justin Trudeau.