‘It is a battle for hearts and minds’: Trudeau’s $35 million gamble to counter radicalization

It’s a gamble alright, because most terrorists are white folks and they just don’t listen to Justin.

h/t JEH

  • Justin St.Denis

    Behold! What is this Crock of Shit I see before me? Why, it’s a new Liberal boondoggle! Methinks I should have known.

    • 35 Million into the pockets of Liberals.

      • bob e

        pocket change boss ..

  • Shebel

    Some brave individual should take it up on their shoulders to explain the –
    Difference between a Patriot and a Traitor. In the new world with the new Normal–
    It has become a mystery.

    For me—-
    Justin is a Traitor.
    Trump is a Patriot.

    Neither are very good at each.

    • Justin is a useful idiot traitor.

      • Shebel

        SShhh—– Don’t tell him. .
        He still thinks that he making his own decisions.

    • occupant 9

      In Trump’s case, he has many enemies that hate him for his patriotism and they ARE working to undermine and thwart at every turn. The more I observe the shameless hate the more I stand behind Trump.

      PM Treason has an entire government apparatus working with him, loyal towards our destruction … to the core. That same entity worked against Harper at his every turn and partied when PM Treason won.

  • Oracle9

    They had to give equal focus against the “far-right”, whatever that is.

    • The Liberal Party are traitors.

    • occupant 9

      Yep. They’re the ones that opened the gates with every intention of undermining the nation from a future of stability.

    • bargogx1

      To every country.

  • Bla Bla

    Actually, if you think about it, they are targeting us ‘radical right wingers’. We are the terrorists in their eyes. Not that innocent aloha snakbarian. They truly are despicable and clueless. So which liberal friendly advertising firm got this 35million dollar scam?

    • occupant 9

      It’s a whole hole new government dept that is sure to spread the walkaround cash to the Muhammadans and set up “hotlines” to deal with regular Canadians that prefer Nigeria for Nigerians, Japan for Japanese etc.

      Our immigration policy, with the trend of replacement migration, where our future population will not resemble those of our heritage, actually conforms to the UN definition of genocide.

      Remember heritage, Canada?

      • Shebel

        For Justin–any Canadian Heritage out side of Quebec is—-
        a HATE CRIME.

    • bob e

      I wish it was me. But it aint

  • Frances

    Maybe they need to do a bit more research. There’s apparently a study from Germany which shows young Christian men become less violent as they become more religious; young Muslim men are the opposite. That being said, I know an Anglican priest who would embody the “church militant”.

    • Nah Justin nailed it, white people are terrorists.

      • Shebel

        The Protestants are even worse than the Jews.

      • Frances

        Speak for yourself, Blazing. I come from a long line of Christians who have taken up the sword when called upon to so do. Back in the day – 50th anniversary of D-day – asked my mother and aunt where the family members were that day. We knew where Dad was – he’d passed out 2nd in his class and had ended up as an instructor with the RCAF (a rare occasion of the military popping a round peg into a round hole as he was a born teacher; he thought otherwise and tried to post himself to Burma, but that’s another story), but the rest of the menfolk were in England. Don’t think any of them actually made the D-day crossing, but they weren’t far behind.

        And when you think of fighting padres, think of the one in “The Longest Day” who parachuted in with the troops and lost his communion set in the nearest bog.

        the “church militant” priest I know of is in frail health now, but he was in a tank going up through Italy – one of the “D-day dodgers”, as was also one of my spouse’s uncles.

    • bargogx1

      Justin will wield his mighty M-103 to ensure such “Islamophobic” studies never see the light of day in Canada.

  • ismiselemeas

    The money will flow straight into the hands of the jihadis.

    • Watchman

      “Here you go Mr Imam, here’s a million dollars to reduce terrorism of the young men you are teaching to be devout muslims, and we are going to feature you in the press as a very powerful and influential man. If this million dollars fixes the problem you will get no money and no publicity next year because the problem will be solved, right?”

  • Watchman

    Jaw dropping quotes:
    “But whether these and other counter-radicalization measures being tried in the West are having any impact on would-be terrorists is anyone’s guess; the evidence is still largely lacking, experts say.”
    So, apparently they don’t know what works, and have no evidence that it works anywhere in the world, but are willing to throw money at the problem just in case it does. And in the remote chance it does, will they be able to provide proof to other western countries as to what they did to prevent people becoming terrorists?

    “challenge violent radical narratives and promote critical thinking.”
    How to you challenge violent radical narratives that are a core part of a religion?
    In islam, you are not supposed to demonstrate critical thinking on the veracity of the Qur’an and Sunnah, to do so is to commit the crime of bidah (innovation).
    Or is this an argument against Fast Jihad and for the Soft Jihad: the non-violent demographic domination of a country?

    “A growing number of experts are advocating for a more holistic approach to countering violent extremism — one that attempts to address community grievances and feelings of social exclusion, he said.”
    How do you address community grievances that demand all people, muslim and non-muslim, live under theocratic rulership, under Shari’a law? That demand women behave as second class citizens?
    How do you address feelings of social exclusion when your religion demands that you only have muslims as friends? Quran 5:51: “O you who believe! do not take the Jews and the Christians for friends”

    “[Phil Gurski, a former CSIS strategic analyst] suggested putting more emphasis on alternative narratives, for example, emphasizing Muslim empowerment and success stories.”
    Great. Just what we need, muslims feeling that they have the power over unbelievers. Somehow I would prefer them to be in fear and awe of the secular state and its ethics and laws.
    Success stories: Beirut, 9/11, Madrid train bombings, Beslan, 7/7, Bataclan, Paris, Berlin, Manchester, London Bridge…. Is that not enough success stories for would-be terrorists to dissuade them from doing similar acts?

    “Individuals deemed at-risk for violence are steered to “hubs” of community representatives who assess whether they might benefit from spiritual guidance,
    W.T.F. Let’s get potential terrorists to become even more devout and be even more encouraged to undertake the Lesser Jihad. https://www.jihadwatch.org/2013/05/psychology-greater-jihad-is-preparing-for-the-lesser-jihad-holy-war

    There’s more, but I’m done with this comment for now.

    • bob e

      Great post Watchman .. ‘muslim success & empowerment’ ..
      that guy has a ring around his neck from his head
      being up his anus ..

    • bargogx1

      “a more holistic approach to countering violent extremism — one that attempts to address community grievances and feelings of social exclusion”

      In other words, more accomodation and appeasement. Exactly what we don’t need.

    • Shebel

      Makes more sense to me than logic.
      ” Great. Just what we need, muslims feeling that they have the power over
      unbelievers. Somehow I would prefer them to be in fear and awe of the
      secular state and its ethics and laws.”

  • Expensive smoke and mirrors.

  • The Deplorable Rosenmops

    The article mentions “far-right extremists”, but far-left extremists such as antifa, anarchists, black bloc, etc seem to be much more numerous and violent.