ISIS propaganda machine is hit hard by deaths of key leaders and setbacks on the battlefields

The ISIS propaganda machine has been dealt a significant blow with the deaths of senior members involved in creating its slick videos.

Western airstrikes have killed senior members of the ISIS propaganda machine, significantly reducing the number of videos published by the organisation.

Also, the production quality of the terror group’s videos have been affected as the organisation is defeated on the battlefield.

One recent video featured one-leggd jihadi Abu Shuaib al-Maslawi. He was filmed hopping on his left leg toward the explosives-laden black SUV that he would minutes later plow into a group of Iraqi troops in the northern city of Mosul.

Abu Shuaib al-Maslawi, one legged suicide bomber is an alleged “Canadian”. Upside – one less vote for Justin Trudeau.

  • BillyHW

    And it’s taken this long because why?

  • irishrus

    It’s a bitch when some militaries take them seriously, as they find out

  • I seem to recognize that “Canadian” — didn’t he play defense for the Toronto Maple Leafs at one time? I think he lost his leg in an Eastern Conference Playoffs brawl.