Iranian Cleric’s Comments Likening Loosely Veiled Women To Prostitutes Spark Backlash

Judging women by the degree to which they respect the compulsory hijab is nothing new in Iran.

In the past, hard-liners have accused so-called “badly veiled women” of being responsible for everything from social ills to natural disasters.

But recent comments by the Friday Prayer leader of the central Iranian city of Saveh, who likened women who don’t fully respect the Islamic head scarf to prostitutes, appear to mark a new low.

  • Frances

    But – aren’t we being told that wearing the hijab is completely voluntary and an honour; not compulsory. Cue Linda Sarsour – she needs to straighten out these Iranian women.

  • Tooth&Claw

    I think they have it a$$ backwards. Prostitutes hid their identity in shame, hence the robes and veil. But then Islam is a backward system.