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UN Shocked To Find Hamas Terror Tunnels Under Its Schools After Dismissing Israeli Claims

In a statement released Friday, United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) condemned the “existence” of Hamas terror tunnels passing under “two adjacent Agency schools in Maghazi camp the Gaza Strip.”

The Entire Deep State DC Institutional Apparatus Knew President Trump Was Not Under Investigation

FBI Director Comey told President-elect Trump on January 6th he was not under investigation; Comey again told President Trump on January 27th he was not under investigation; and again on February 15th Director Comey told President Trump he was not under investigation.

However, more importantly, James Comey also admitted he told congressional leadership the exact same thing, repeatedly. Specifically, James Comey stated he informed: •Paul Ryan, •Nancy Pelosi, •Mitch McConnell, •Chuck Schumer, •Devin Nunes, •Adam Schiff, •Richard Burr, •Dianne Feinstein and •Mark Warner.

James Comey personally told Republican and Democrat leadership, and both the Senate and House intelligence committees, that President Trump was not under investigation.

Think about that for a minute.

FILE – In this Dec. 15, 2014 file photo, a hostage runs to armed tactical response police officers for safety after she escaped from a cafe under siege at Martin Place in the central business district of Sydney, Australia. For a country of just 24 million that is thousands of miles from Syria and Iraq, Australia has been unusually fertile ground for Islamic State recruiters. (AP Photo/Rob Griffith, File)

Facing radicalization dilemma, Australia to build a prison just for jihadis

A new high security jail to isolate Islamic extremists convicted of terrorism offences will be built in Sydney as Australia struggles to stem the further radicalization of Muslims within the prison system.

ELITES: Trudeau Gives $36.2 Million In Taxpayer Money To Formula 1 Race

The federal government is running massive budget deficits. Our country has serious problems, including underfunded infrastructure, poverty, and millions of forgotten citizens.

So, what does our “wise” federal leadership decide to spend $36.2 million of our money on?

A Formula 1 race.

Sexual Assaults at Swedish Festivals Have Risen 1000%

Most of the cases reported are young, teenage girls and the offenders are describe to be of “foreign origin.”

Pride flag cut down from Lillian Osborne school

“I spotted the Canadian flag blowing in the breeze and beside it was what clearly had been the pride flag and the tattered remains,” she said. “Somebody had scaled the pole with a knife and cut it down.”

How Would Muslims Take Control Of America?

They do it first by establishing mosques in every town and city. These meeting places are perfect warehouses of not only indoctrination but future terrorists, who are made to read and understand the principles of Jihad, martyrdom and Dar-al-Harb (“land of war”-anyplace not Islamized).

London police chief: Attack victims show city’s diversity

“We believe of course that that’s what makes our city so great,” she said. “It’s a place where the vast majority of time it’s incredibly integrated and that diversity gives us strength.”

Atheists demand town remove church welcome signs

A group of perpetually-offended atheists, agnostics and freethinkers are threatening to sue a small Wisconsin town because of two welcome signs.

The signs, which were posted some 50 years ago, read, “The Churches of Oconomowoc Welcome You.”

Big-ticket defence plan will help Canada face new global threats, top general says

A multibillion-dollar strategy outlined by the Liberal government last week will position Canada’s military to negotiate an “uncertain world” while improving the way it treats troops at home, Gen. Jonathan Vance says.

Roiling storm clouds and a swirling vortex at the center of Saturn’s famed north polar hexagon.

The Best of Cassini

NASA’s Cassini spacecraft will end its mission in September after its long exploration orbiting Saturn, collecting information on the planet, its moons, its rings, and more. Here are 40 stunning photos from The Atlantic that show off the best Cassini has to offer.