Appeals court cites Trump’s tweets in ruling against travel ban

The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals on Monday cited a tweet from President Trump in its ruling against the president’s so-called travel ban.

The court cited a tweet from earlier this month, in which Trump talked about the necessity of a “travel ban” in the wake of the attack in London.

  • Alain

    They don’t even pretend to be making legal arguments based on what is before them. Honestly, these fake judges should be removed from the bench pronto.

    • The Butterfly

      The 9th Circus needs to be defunded.

    • Clink9

      Don’t you remember the famous Washington and Jefferson Tweets?

  • Hard Little Machine

    I’m with the hippies now. Let 20 million Arabs in. Let everything die screaming in the flames.

  • The Judges are violating the First Amendment. They should be removed from the bench. They’re essentially prohibiting anyone from exercising free speech using everyday vernacular, “lingua franca”, or colloquial terms that are understood by everybody. They’re imposing speech codes on Trump probably because they think it will placate Islamic terrorists — it’s the first step to Sharia law (already happened in Canada). If the Judges can get away with violating the First Amendment rights of someone as powerful as the President of the U.S. then they can do it to all of us.

    Why would Judges object to Trump using a more communicative language when he talks to the general public on his personal Twitter account? I don’t remember anybody micro-analyzing Barack Obama’s free speech as something possibly “unlawful” when he broke out his own colloquialisms, emotionally-charged language, dry humour, etc. Obama’s medium was the Hollywood talk-show circuit and millionaire galas. Trump’s is twitter — the “everybody’s” medium.

    To refresh everybody’s memory, it was the following from Trump some ten months ago that started the ridiculous “Trump/Russia investigation” thing. You’d have to extrapolate to the ‘nth degree to find justification for such an investigation based on his actual words — only a moron (or a liar) would misunderstand what was said or what was meant:

  • Shebel

    Canada is ruled by a Feminist.
    Ontario is ruled by a Fag.
    France is ruled by a Mommies Boy,
    Germany is ruled by a demented Bitch.
    They all act like this—–