The incompatability of Islam

In the Australian on the 6th of June, a senior British Muslim politician, Sajid Javid, in response to the latest atrocities in London, said that the solution to the problems must come from within the Muslim community. Few non-Muslim people would disagree with that.

Mr Javid then continued: ‘I’m not for one second saying that Muslims are in anyway responsible for terrorists. Around the world Muslims are fighting on the frontline in the battle against extremism. It would be absurd to say the actions of a handful in anyway represent a peaceful, wonderful religion that is the guiding light for more than a billion people.’

On the same page, in an associated article, Greg Sheridan pointed out that only 1 in 20 British Muslims believes that al-Qa’ida was responsible for the 9/11 atrocity and that more than 30 per cent believe that the US government was responsible. Mr Javid and Greg Sheridan would probably agree that the Muslim communities in the West have to do more to prevent the sort of atrocities that are now weekly occurrences.