Nothing ‘fair’ about Wynne’s promises

Premier Kathleen Wynne has revealed the Liberals’ campaign theme for next June’s Ontario election.

It will be, she says, all about “fairness.”

“Everything we’ve done will be part of the re-election (bid), but I certainly hope there will be a discussion in the election campaign about how to have a fairer society,” Wynne said in a recent interview with The Canadian Press.

Not only does Wynne repeat the word “fair” ad nauseam when introducing Liberal initiatives, the word itself is included in her initiatives.

  • canminuteman

    She knows there are no votes to pick up on the right, so she will try and compete with the left for the NDP vote. We’re in for some good times Komrad!

    • ontario john

      She will concentrate on seat heavy locations like Toronto. Because as her buddy Heather Mallick stated yesterday in the Star, everyone in rural Ontario wears baseball caps and white t-shirts and wants to rape women.

      • DMB

        Some of the best people anyone can meet are those living in rural communities. They are typically “down to Earth” and are more likely to maintain traditional values. Unlike in urban communities (excluding suburbs) were they are infested by leftists and hipsters. Just visit a rural agricultural fair vs a downtown urban art or music festival and you will notice a vast difference in the type and values of people who attend those events. Leftists and particularly hipsters absolutely detest rural communities to the point were they will not even venture out there. Even in the age of the internet they are completely isolated to what exists beyond there social bubble.

        • Clink9

          Yep. Just went out to St. Jacobs market last weekend.

          Not a hipster douchebag in sight.

      • simus1

        Heather grew up in Kap during boom times so she would know. Well, at least second hand.
        Wynne has discovered the key to perpetual rule in Ontario: pray the opposition parties select zero charisma nobodies as their leaders and keep the rent seekers content. Sure the province is going to train wreck someday because of her perfidy but she can always hope it will happen in synch with a general world meltdown so who can cast the first stone?

      • Bla Bla

        The belligerence these libs have for rural folk is never a surprise as it seems to be a symptom of the mental instabilities these people suffer in their path to socialist utopia. Lenin also shared a hatred of those not part of the workers pardise such as the rural peasent farmers, for which he made a point to starve them out eventually leading to revolts such as the Tambov rebellion.

        And, just like the Bolsheviks of the past (and antifa of the preset), anyone who did not support glorious soviet comrade lenin was a fascist or a bandit that needed to be put down. To hell with them.

      • A Hamilton Guy

        And heather Mallick has shit for brains.

        • Clausewitz

          You’re giving shit a bad name there my man.

    • I bet she’ll be re-elected, she’s paid off the unions once again, they will keep her in power as will the Muslims and crony capitalists.

  • ontario john

    I don’t understand. The Toronto Star the last few days has given us the unbiased facts that Wynne is doing a great job. They wouldn’t lie would they? They are so great a paper that the retired publisher was given a diplomatic post by wonderful Trudeau.

    • just_one_Sewer Rat_guy

      Don’t you mean “Devine” trudeau? Listing him(?) only as “wonderful” might land you in the district reeducation facility.

      • Clausewitz

        Only calling him “Wonderful” must be a form of hate speech somewhere in Canada. Probably Toronto.

  • Literally Hitler

    A master debater and cunning linguist. But every word is a lie.

    • Waffle

      A lie repeated often enough becomes the truth (J. Goebbels)

  • CodexCoder

    The word “fair” should be struck from the English language for being meaningless, which is why progressives and liberals rely on it so often. Sounds pious and virtuous but is more nefarious and acts as a cover for evil intentions and mindless tripe.

    • simus1

      “Fair” means more taxes and user charges are coming for those “unfair exploiter people” who make “big bucks” Yea.

  • DMB

    Socialist such as win always believe that the main drive behind their polices is “fairness” when in fact that is far from the truth. Capitalism is and always will be the most fair system ever implemented.

  • Exile1981

    Is it just me or does that picture make her look like the crypt keeper?

  • Allan

    Fair means giving more money to the government to spend on “climate change”. Fair means increasing the cost of basic utilities so that people have to make choices of either heating their homes of food on the table. Fair to a leftist progressive means leaving as little money in people’s pocket as they can get away with.

  • I don’t see why she bothers. People will vote for her no matter how incompetent she is.