Islamic State ‘sisters’ will be the next bridge killers, warns undercover TV journalist ‘AISHA’

When I saw the face of Khuram Butt staring out of the newspapers at me last week, after he was named as one of the three London Bridge killers, I was deeply shocked.

It took me back to the day nearly two years ago when I filmed him with a hidden camera as he protested, clad in headdress and robe, outside Regent’s Park Mosque in London.

We had gone undercover to make a Dispatches documentary for Channel 4, focusing not on Butt and his fellow Islamists but on a less obvious group – the ‘sisters’, the women who share their twisted views. Unlike their male counterparts, the women only ever express these views behind closed doors or online.

  • Ed

    72 husbands? Most women would demur…

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      72 Husbands, all of whom beat them would be pretty good.

  • Frances

    Or, to quote Kipling, “…the female of the species is more deadly than the male”.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Mass murder is the only thing that Islam affords women on an equal basis