‘Anti-Sharia’ marches & counter protests held nationwide

Marches in opposition to Islamic law have kicked off in numerous cities across the US. The alt-right rallies drew the far-left counter protesters. A number of people have been arrested at several locations as intermittent brawls broke out among the opposing camps.

The March against Sharia kicked off in dozens locations, including New York city, Chicago, Seattle, Atlanta, Orlando and other cities across the United States on Saturday.

  • ontario john

    I believe the anti-Sharia marches must have been cancelled, because there was no mention of it on the American or Canadian main stream media about it. They would have covered it I’m sure, because they are fact based and unbiased. The CBC did provide coverage this morning on the homosexual parade in Washington though. That is important news to Canadians.

    • CBC has a story up from Reuters which labels Act for America as an “anti-government” group for some bizarre reason

      Anti-government group stages rallies against Sharia law in several U.S. cities


      • ontario john

        They are all Russian spies!!

      • V10_Rob

        Soooo….. Does that mean parts of local, state and federal government have a pro-sharia policy, and this is the backlash?

  • canminuteman

    The Anti Sharia angle is a good tactic at this time. How can the left argue against it? If they counter demonstrate what are they going to say? That they are pro Sharia?

    • ontario john

      The Sunday Toronto Star has a heart warming story on how wonderful it is that a muslim woman has been appointed a judge, to enforce sharia law on muslim women in Israel. Sharia law is a feminist victory.

  • Hard Little Machine

    In Raleigh there were simultaneous pro sharia and anti sharia protests a few blocks apart.

  • Editor

    I’ve seen a number of posts and articles about these marches in the last few days and the MSM switches seamlessly between anti-sharia and anti-muslim when describing the organisers of the events ACT for America, the marches themselves and the participants. Par for the course.