To Justin’s friends on Canada Day; Please don’t kill us!

Justin Trudeau 

Justin’s shared values with Islam means extra heavy security for Canada Day!

‘Plan ahead and plan early’ for Canada Day; expect delays due to security screening

Thanks Justin!

Thanks Islam!

Hope you don’t try to kill us!

  • ontario john

    I think I will just head for the cottage and ignore Canada Day. Its seems to be just one big series of apologies to every whiny special interest group in Canada.

    • Yup.

    • Exile1981

      last time we went to the celebrations in the nearest town it was over run with natives hanging out getting drunk.

  • marty_p

    Let’s all take a moment to thank Muslims/Islam for all of the wonderful inconveniences they have brought all of us:
    Courtesy of the Palestinian terrorists in the 70’s and 80’s who made airline hijacking mainstream terrorism – pre-boarding screening including X-Ray and pad downs.
    Courtesy of the 911 Mo’s – no sharp objects allowed on one’s person or in carry on luggage.
    Courtesy of the Mo’s – no liquids or gels over 100 ml
    Courtesy of the Mo shoe bomber – many have to take off their shoes during pre-boarding screening.
    Courtesy of the Mo’s – soon to be implemented ban on electronic devices larger than a cell phone.
    Courtesy of the Mo’s goods cost more due to the rash of Somali Pirate ship hijacking.
    Courtesy of the Mo’s who who hijacked the Achille Lauro and killed Leon Klinghoffer – extra screening for cruise ship passengers.
    Courtesy of the Pali’s who staged a terrorist attack on the Munich Olympics – extra security costs for guest screening at all sports and entertainment events.

    Feel free to augment my list.

    • Lucky us! Lets not forget Honour Killings!

      • mobuyus

        Ya, you can no longer park your car at the bottom of the Rideau canal in kingston.

  • Oracle9

    As the Manchester atrocity clearly illustrated, there is always a perimeter to the security cordon.

    I know our PM has denied that there is no such thing as Canadian values, but realistically, a society whose members share healthy values is the only society relatively safe from what is now a ‘part and parcel’ of European life.

    • Islam is a violent supremacist cult, Justin is a terrorist enabler.

  • DMB

    Canada Day has now become a day to celebrate homosexual pride, multiculturalism & diversity and of course Islam.

  • Yo Mama

    wonder if anybody will be buying such food to spread out on the grounds
    of picnic areas the night before certain Liberal MPs will be having for
    Canada Day events, that might offend some attendees targeted by Liberal
    identity politics?

    • Hope they have an extra large bacon supply on hand.

      • John Boy

        Support Canadian farmers and buy your bacon now to spread out the night before!

      • simus1

        Dog shit has much more heavy duty juju than mere bacon.

        • Bro’

          Da’ muzzies are used to sh1t but baccon wi embarassed dem Liberals.

          Liberals want everbuddy to follow eider Mo or Mao.

  • mobuyus

    Will justin have security leave the keys in those dump trucks blocking intersections incase they have to be moved to accomodate our newcomers.

    • simus1

      Die merkelbeest is so far ahead of our own multicult head coach. She has decided her brood of (posing as) Syrian refugees shall be taught at government expense how to drive heavy trucks so they can make a suitable living wage ……………..

  • bargogx1

    But of course it would be wrong and “racist” to even suggest broaching the subject of why all this security might be necessary.

  • kkruger71

    Saw a CBC article about a giant mural being made here in Kitchener for the end of the month that the creator explicitly states is “no longer” about Canada’s 150, but they also write that it is beng funded by the Canada 150 fund. It’s now a grievence-mongering piece about natives. No mention in the article about how the funds are being misappropriated, not even a quote from anyone that might take issue with it.

  • Bla Bla

    I have a better idea. Don’t go. Boycott Ottawa.

    • Yo Mama

      But then who are the muzzies going to have to stab or blow up?

  • Tooth&Claw

    Canada Day. Really. When Queen Elizabeth is still titular head of state. Faux event. Thanks for the day off.

    • Minicapt

      … “Dominion Day” …