The Truth About Terrorism

In the years since 9/11, there have been multiple terrorist attacks. Not only has the terrorist problem not been solved, it has become difficult to even talk about it properly. This has played a major part in making the world a more sinister and dangerous place. The increased level of terrorist attacks around the world since 9/11, particularly in our own countries, have shown anyone who has eyes to see that the terrorists are in fact our secondary enemy. The primary foe — the real enemy — lies within.

  • Gary

    The muslims in the West that are complicit by their silent are also known for the trick they do with the truth by using the external Muslims population of 1.5 billion to cite the mythical 99.9% that are peaceful .
    This helps to fool the Liberals and Media over how the < 2% of the population is producing about 90% of the terrorism attacks that target only Civilians. Liberals are in bed with the islamists as their useful-idiots because of the leftists hatred for the West. Tucker Carlson just did an interview with a Muslim women that insisted it is dangerous in the USA for muslims because of the islamophobia and threat by the White Supremacy bigots .

    What she did was infer that any True Muslim is non-white. The reason for that is because of the Saudi's , Muhammad and the 20th century Whahhabism.
    It's the dark-skinned Arabs that see them self as the true Muslims because the quran must be read in it's pure form which is Arabic. Muhammad wasn't against Slavery because HE is the one in the quran that is cited for telling his followers that only muslims should own slaves since islam gives them more rights than the religions of Whites ( Jews Christians) .
    Before a muslim tries to tell me I'm wrong….. my source was a well respect islamic website in the Middle East that was in Arabic but offered an English translation.

    The Toronto-18 Muslim terrorism wanted to slaughter thousands via Truck bombs because Chretien had our troops in Afghanistan after 19 of their Muslims brothers slaughtered 24 Canadians on 9/11 among the 3000+ total.
    So folks….the qruan tells muslims that the current 6,000,000,000 non-muslims on earth are enemies of allah and islam to be converted…or KILLED.
    They DON'T need a reason to kill us over a Foreign policy or legal war that they oppose. The quran is their Manual for how they apply islam and who are the guilty ones that must die.

    As for Trudeau embracing sharia and the Saudi Mosques ……he met with Obama and assure him that Canada supported Hillary's goal because it's time that Canada had a female Prime Minister .
    We're F's if this guy gets back in 2019 because when he attack Harper to claim that there would be Soldier on the streets under Harper's oppression…..but when a Reporter told him about the 1970 October crisis by his father that jailed 400 civilians with NO charges while being held and NO access to a lawyer….he had a stunned look and said " That was before my Time and i don't know about it".

  • bargogx1

    This is without a doubt ideological warfare, on a level that surpasses even the Cold War. The enemy knows this, which is why they’re working furiously to shut down free speech on all fronts. They know they have to maintain an iron grip on the narrative, or the jig is up.

    • Alain

      Oh, it far surpasses the Cold War, because during the Cold War we did not knowingly allow the entrance of communists as immigrants/refugees or whatever. Known communists were banned, full stop.

  • bob e

    Agree with that boss. Intuition ..