One Love, coexist and diversity are not the answer

H/T Marvin

  • DMB

    This video missed a crucial piece of information. While Islamic terrorist are killing random innocent people the British Satanic elite were hosting this so called One Love concert not as a counter protest to the Islamic terrorist but to mock the British public by promoting pedophilia. The mass crowd at the concert so brainwashed was not only listing to the Satanic lyrics of wrist icycles & dick bicycles but chanting along with the singer. This was clearly a satanic brainwashing ritual right out of a ritual cult ceremony. Satanists have been using music for decades now to promote their practices and pedophilia is high on their agenda.

    • bargogx1

      I suggest the next benefit concert be a Metal concert, with such typical Metal lyrical themes as defiance, rage, fighting the good fight, vanquishing thine enemy, etc. That would be a much healthier response to such atrocities, but it might cause the SJW types to have the vapors or something.

    • bob e

      i saw that & could hardly believe it ..

  • Watchman

    Expect a CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations)☪ spokesman to be complaining that Sheriff Wayne Ivey is a islamophobe and is inciting racist violence against muslims. CAIR will claim that all muslims are against terrorism against innocent people and that this video unfairly targets them.

    Also, see an Florida article which critiques this video:
    Gems such as “Dr. Stephen Hargarten, a leading expert on emergency medicine and gun violence at the Medical College of Wisconsin, spoke to Mother Jones following a five-month study on gun violence and said there is zero evidence indicating that arming civilians prevents mass shootings. ”

    Hmm, I wonder if Dr Hargarten is completely neutral researcher on ‘gun violence’ or an activist? And claiming that there is ‘zero evidence’ is like claiming there is zero evidence that owning a fire extinguisher prevents an outbreak of fire. Dr Hargarten is listed in Wikipedia as an anti-gun activist since the 1990s.

    ☪ CAIR was created by people linked to Hamas, “Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant. ”

  • Linda1000
  • Alain

    This isn’t love, in fact it is a complete distortion of the concept of love; it is nothing more than preaching tolerance for the most intolerant.

  • Hard Little Machine

    sure it is. let the liberals and muslims rape kill and eat each other to extinction.