Monsters of Faith, the Faith of Monsters

I don’t want searches outside public events. I don’t want concrete barriers to prevent mad Muslims mowing down pedestrians. I don’t want to hear another smug sophist prattling about lethal refrigerators. What I want is a logical, reasoned response to an evil, growing menace

  • Malcolm Y

    “What I want is a logical, reasoned response to an evil, growing menace”

    I don’t. I want all the mo cultists of death out. If they go voluntarily fine; but they’re gotten rid of by any means necessary. I don’t care about their “rights”; I don’t care if they’re citizens; I don’t care how much pain and suffering it’s going to cause them or their children; I don’t care about them – the sand natives go back.

    • It will come to that in Europe I suspect and within our lifetimes. They will have no other choice as the insurgency is now well established and growing.

    • Alain

      Indeed the only solution is to purge society of Islam, in other words all Muslims. They have a multitude of Muslim countries they can return to and be free to do their thing, whatever that may be.

  • CodexCoder

    What you want first is an acknowledgement of the menace. If one does not explicitly, and analytically describe the problem, then one cannot fix the problem. Solving a non-existent problem solves absolutely nothing. Islamophobia is a virtually non-existent problem: Islamic jihadists continue to exist.

    • Islamophobia is just another hammer in the PC tool bag, it’s all about control. Muslim terrorism is easily solved. Cease importing the problem and conduct large scale deportations regardless of “citizenship” after each incident of Mohammedan insurgency.

      Europe will either surrender or they will be forced into civil war. We are not yet so bad off and can save ourselves a lot of trouble by curbing the encroachment of Islam within our borders.

  • tom_billesley

    In Scotland, visitors to Glasgow’s Silverburn and Aberdeen’s Union Square shopping centres will now face ‘random cursory bag searches’.

    • Alain

      Looks good on them.

    • Brett_McS

      Random searches. So the 90 year old granny is as likely to be searched as a 25 year old full-bearded Muslim in an ISIS flag shirt. Probably more likely.