How the body set up to stop Muslims turning to extremism is wasting millions on gimmicks like rap workshops while ignoring real problems for fear of being ‘racist’

Just one more Rap music workshop could have saved this misguided Muslim terrorist from death.

Every few months, back in the days of the last Labour government, a group of hand-picked young Muslims would meet members of the Cabinet in Whitehall.

Usually it was Hazel Blears, then the Communities Secretary, or Ed Balls, the Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families. Sometimes both were present, along with civil servants.

The people sitting around the table with them were from the Young Muslim Advisory Group, with whom they would have earnest, hand-wringing discussions on how best to tackle extremism following the July 7 attacks on London.

  • tom_billesley

    Perhaps they could provide youth employment opportunities, making teddy bears, tea lights and body bags.

  • Editor

    “. . . fear of being racist.” trumps fear of being killed. This is going to end well.

    • bargogx1

      The problem is when it also trumps fear of getting others killed. I believe that is where we’re at right now with many who are in positions of power. They are literally willing to sacrifice lives on the altar of political correctness.

  • DMB

    In the U.K. being called a racist has now become the most heinous accusation made towards someone. You could all sorts of crimes and it wouldn’t considered to be a big deal. Not even terrorism or pedophile which seems to be wide spread especially in the U.K. This is warped value system that is being brought on us and it must change!

  • BillyHW

    Are rap workshops the new basketball courts?

  • tom_billesley

    Young Muslims Advisory Group included London Bridge jihadi murderer Khoram Butt’s older brother Saad who was a paid “researcher” on the “Prevent” programme.
    He researched ‘young Muslims’ dissatisfaction with police’.
    I guess the dissatisfaction stems from the police not standing still when they’re trying to stab them.

  • Not everyone in our own culture is particularly fond of rap — music is a matter of personal taste. So why would the idiots running this program automatically assume that “assimilation” means embracing rap, etc.? These are totally arbitrary choices, and have nothing to do with helping people to assimilate.

    What they do need to assimilate to is our principles of freedom. And freedom means exercising your own choice in music, as well as religion, politics, etc. So long as you don’t interfere in other people’s freedom to make the same choices for themselves. But it’s the latter issue that Islamists have a big problem with and they respond to with violence or the use of force. The bottom line if they can’t embrace freedom and everybody’s right to exercise it, then they don’t belong here and they will never be happy here.

    • bargogx1

      They type of fools involved in running programs like this are exactly the type of fools who would assume that everyone does and/or should like rap.

      • And they will also presume that Muslims will like Michael Moore as their favourite “documentarian”, Bill Ayers as their favourite “educator”, Planned Parenthood as their favourite “women’s clinic”, David Suzuki as their favourite “scientist”, Oprah Winfrey as their favourite “life coach”, etc. Hell, if I was forced to listen to any of the above I would probably run around in a mad frenzy stabbing people too.

  • bargogx1

    The whole concept of this ridiculous program is flawed right to the core. It’s just another form of accomodation and appeasement. The very idea that any western country feels the need to spend one red cent on keeping Muslims from becoming radicalized is indicative of how far the leaders of that country have let things slide, and what a colossal failure multiculturalism is.

  • Watchman

    Makes you wonder if anyone on the muslim side told the politicians the truth about how peace with muslims was traditionally organised in muslim countries: the non-muslims could “Convert, Surrender, or Die.”