Historically black college must pay white professor nearly $5 million for racial discrimination

Only white people can be racist, huh?

A state appeals court upheld a jury verdict of nearly $5 million – three-quarters of that punitive damages – against an historically black college for discriminating against a white employee.

One of its many sins that were meticulously laid out by the court? Deleting incriminating emails from the senior official who targeted the white employee.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Rosa Parks and MLK have an awful lot to answer for!

    • Could never happen in Canada — the courts would order the persecuted white Prof to pay $5 million to the racist black College! I’m jealous of the U.S. — at least you people still have functional courts (in some parts of the country anyway).

  • Ed

    “Wachyoo talin ’bout, Louis??”

  • bargogx1

    On the same site, the racism of the Left laid bare:


  • Hard Little Machine

    The college will probably close it’s doors now. HBCs are usually 5 minutes from broke

  • Liberal Progressive

    But people of colour can’t be racists, only whites!

    I know that because the CBC and Black Lives Matter keep on telling me that.

  • pop

    Racism is only working for minorities in Australia.