‘He is NOT an extremist’ Family of Notre Dame hammer attack suspect left shocked

THE family of the man accused of carrying out a terror attack at Notre Dame cathedral have said the terror suspect is “not an extremist”.

Farid Ikken, 40, was shot in the chest as he lunged at a police officer outside the world-famous cathedral on Tuesday afternoon and is currently under guard at a Paris hospital.

The Algerian journalist reportedly shouted “this is for Syria” as he attacked a police officer with a hammer outside the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris.

Nope, he’s not an extremist, just a Muslim.

  • Watchman

    Maybe he was just planning to donate the hammer to a Syrian charity to help rebuild their destroyer infrastructure and residences? “This is for Syria!” And showing the Police how this hammer could be used to drive in nails. /sarc

    Maybe the family thought their son was not an ‘extremist’ because he had the same views as them, the same hatred of France, and the dislike of not living under Shari’a law. They thought he might have been just wrong in putting into practice what they had wished for the infidels for many years, but not see him as an ‘extremist’.

  • vwVwwVwv

    No he is not an extremist, just a regular Muslim.

  • Jay Currie

    I often contemplate swinging the old Ewing…not outside churches though.

  • Blacksmith

    He is definitely not an extremist, and extremist would have blown himself up right?