Carrot of Islamophobia?


Labour politicians urged Muslims to back their party in the run up to the general election by telling them “the Tories are whipping up hate and Islamophobia like UKIP”, and “other minorities have a greater say in the country than we do”.

British Muslim were told Jeremy Corbyn’s party would further Islamic interests via text message by two Labour councillors in Walsall in the West Midlands. Highlighting Corbyn’s support of Palestine, the messages urged people to use their ballot, arguing: “How are you going to change the system if you don’t play by the system?”

No different than our own Liberal Party.

  • Alain

    That was the same rubbish peddled by both the NDP and the Liberals running up to the last federal election in Canada. This is the result of two things: one corrupt and dishonest politicians and importing en masse Muslims.

  • K1

    When bargaining with the devil…
    one has to believe you have the HIGH CARD!
    …..otherwise you make a stupid deal
    or possibly…
    When bargaining with the devil…
    you are in sympathy with the devil and so bestow grand and glorious gifts…
    to the detriment of CIVILization

    • bargogx1

      I’m going with the latter.

  • tom_billesley

    “other minorities have a greater say in the country than we do”
    An anti-semitic dog whistle, I think.

  • Watchman

    Yes Labour, ride that tiger into battle against the Torys and the UKIP. Let your mount feast on the bodies of your opponents, let its anger grow without bound until you have trained a massive tiger capable of slaying anything in its path and anyone not in the saddle like yourselves.

    And once your political and societal foes are defeated, and it’s time to rest, try to dismount your hungry tiger trained for war, and trained to destroy all around it. Try.