Angry scenes at ‘March Against Sharia’ rallies in 28 cities across the country as useful idiot sharia enablers counter protest

Demonstrators gathered in at least 28 cities across the US for anti-Sharia law marches on Saturday.

March Against Sharia rallies are organized by ACT for America, an organization that says it is focused on fighting terrorism and promoting national security.

This year’s rallies are expected to be the group’s largest protest against Islam and took place in cities including Phoenix, Chicago, Austin, Atlanta, New York, Boston and Seattle.

Piss attack on Lauren Southern

  • Guest

    Religious law, any religious law, should not be allowed in our society. If a religious law agrees with our existing laws, it is unnecessary. If it disagrees with our existing laws, it is illegal. Super, simple stuff.

    • Minicapt

      Given the origins of our “existing laws”, you may be somewhat confused.
      And sharia isn’t compatible because it is “religious law”, but because it is Arab tribal law.


  • Alain

    These people are so far beyond for one to be able to reason with or debate. There are no words to express the total disconnect in seeing one with a sign “Gay under Islamic law…” supporting sharia. They are a serious threat to society and must not be tolerated.

    • The tide is turning.

      • Alain

        Lord I do hope so.

      • bob e


    • bob e

      ‘gay under sharia law’ F me .. how stupid can you be .

  • Bla Bla

    Two words for antifa. Kent. State.

  • Bla Bla

    After seeing that video, it should be SOP from now on to rip those flags out of the hands of the antifa criminals. They use them to shield prep work going on in the back to attack those they hate.

  • Gary

    In 2005 when Sheema Khan was on her CAIR-supported Crusades to get sharia in canada to legalize murdering gays and well as child-bride pedophilia to emulate her prophet by men in the 50’s …… Khan ( aka con-job Khan) attacks those opposing ti and called them islamophobes which CAIR still does today.

    I have no idea why the CAS allowed Khan to keep her children when she was endorsing sharia which would have included child-abuse by those child-brides to old men.
    But hey….most liberals have lowered the moral bar for muslms as if they aren’t fully human yet and we must tolerate their barbarism that goes back to the 7th Century.

    gays in Canada still don’t get it because we saw PRIDE allow 2 pro-hamas groups March in it even when Hamas was murdering gays in Gaza under sharia.

    • Alain

      That is another reason why I would refuse to come to the defence of homosexuals today no matter what their fate is. They made their bed, let them lie in it.

  • bob e

    antifa ..