Al Gore’s Version of the Apocalypse Doesn’t Match the Bible

Al Gore has a long, inglorious history of making absurd pronouncements about both himself and climate change. When not tied up with things like “inventing” the Internet, Gore is busy jet-setting around the world, stomping his sizeable carbon footprint anywhere that he can find a platform. Among other predictions that have failed to come true, Gore falsely claimed in 2006 that Mount Kilimanjaro would be snow-free by 2016 and that rising temperatures would create deadly heatwaves.

  • ontario john

    I guess Gore prefers to listen to voices in his head, than read Book of Revelation that describes the coming one world government and religion, controlled by the Anti-Christ.

    • Irrespective of whether the Bible predicted it or not, or whether it has anything to do with “the Anti-Christ” or not, involuntary Global Governance is in fact their agenda. It’s not tin-foil conspiracy stuff anymore because they openly shill for it.

      You don’t need the Bible to see it.

      • “Irrespective”? <<< I don't agree…

        If it wasn't for the Holy Bible Scriptures pointing out all the warnings to come from such a world government… more than likely everyone would be for it…

  • Watchman

    The left and Progressives believe in differing narratives. The Bible is the universe: past, present, and future from the viewpoint of the relationship of God and man. In the Bible is a description of how this world will come to an end. Gore’s Apocalypse is a differing viewpoint, told from different point of view, possibly a view from something that is antithetical to God: a different narrative told in opposition to God.

    One can only guess where his version of the Apocalypse came from – was it passed to him from a once-angelic source?

  • Norman_In_New_York

    I forgive Gore for having fleeced Al Jazeera on the news network deal.

  • shasta

    “Al Gore’s Version of the Apocalypse Doesn’t Match the Bible”

    Do we really need a specific example, when we already know that Al Gore’s version of reality doesn’t match reality?
    He should be under supervision like any other mental incompetent.