Threatening Facebook posts, balaclavas and violent rallies: Inside Antifa the so-called ‘anti-facist’ group that hides behind face masks & hates free speech

This is the far-left Antifa movement whose members cowardly attacked political commentator Andrew Bolt on a Melbourne street on Tuesday.

Antifa Australia is a branch of a wider international movement which claims to ‘defend the working class from fascists and other right-wing threats’ and says ‘Aussie pride can f*** right off’.

Members of Antifa Australia have claimed one of their ‘family’ was responsibility for attacking Bolt with thick liquid at a book launch in Carlton on Tuesday – which lead to a brawl on Lygon Street.

  • ntt1

    watch these dogs in action they are smiling and getting off on the mob scene. Single out the cheerleaders and they will melt away.

    • Alain

      Rip off their masks, identify them publicly along with where they live, while at the same time going after the funders and organisers. Then it will stop.

  • mobuyus

    In any civil war these antifa fascist will be the first to be killed, then all should quite down after that.

  • When one has never been taught right from wrong or even how to conduct one’s self in public, THIS is the result.

    • Watchman

      They think they are the brave communists fighting against Hitler, but in actuality they are Hitler’s Brown Shirts fighting against the state and other groups for control of the state. They believe that their opponents are so evil that any action they take, any violence they commit, any damage they create, is noble and justified.

      • They operate without any understanding of who, what or why they fight.

        They are perfect Brownshirts.

  • Spatchcocked

    They got whipped by Bolt…..ran off like the wannabe revolutionaries they are….hopefully they’ll be tracked down…..and shamed.

  • Bla Bla

    They are vermin. They wish to install a system of rule that will lead to the death of millions. They must be stopped at all costs. Or to use what they have created – By Any Means Necessary. Fuck them.

  • When I think of my youth it was an incredible adventure. Travelled all over the place, and worked at all sorts of things acquiring many practical skills and a wealth of knowledge. Topped it off with the adventure job of my dreams, raised a family, and finally got a degree. By the time I reached my late ’30’s I remember telling my mother: “If I die tomorrow I will be satisfied that I have already lived a full life”. And at no point in my life did my annual income ever exceed $35,000. You don’t have to be rich to be happy or satisfied.

    And I didn’t waste my youth on Left politics. Although I lived in the U.S. a couple years during the Viet Nam war, I refused to get into the political fray — I had better things to do with my time than protest. Such as helping transients and the homeless, many of whom were Viet Nam vets. In retrospect it was probably the best decision I made — Left politics pollutes the youthful mind. I’d be more worried about kids today exposed to fascist Left politics than I would be about exposure to marijuana.

    Ultimately I feel sorry for these kids — their lives are empty. At least from my generational perspective. And certainly from my spiritual perspective.

  • roccolore

    Anti-fa = ISIS

  • Watchman

    The question I had was: “Who pixellated the faces of the Antifa members, and was this done at Antifa’s demand?”
    Where did the picture accompanying this blog post and the original Daily Mail article come from?
    – If the photo was supplied by Antifa with their faces already pixellated, then why does the Daily Mail not make that notation?
    – If the photo was supplied to a Daily Mail with the Antifa faces un-pixellated, then why did the Daily Mail pixellate the faces? I must note that a face of their opposition was also pixellated in the set of 7 photos accompanying the article. Was this to prevent being sued for defamation if the person in the picture believes that the accompanying article text defames him?

    I can see Antifa wanting to ensure the press takes no photographs at all of its members, and they have assaulted and threatened violence against photographers who try to do so, but I in this case I think it’s the fear of a defamation case being brought against the Daily Mail.

    • Alain

      Yes, that is a very valid point.

    • UCSPanther

      The John Brown gun club did not like it when that reporter was filming them in Phoenix a while back.