The Silver Lining? A Tory-DUP Alliance Will Remind the Tories What Conservatism Is Supposed to Look Like

There may be a silver lining for small-c conservative voters following the shock results of the UK General Election. The Democrat Unionist Party (DUP) — who the Conservatives will seek a coalition government with — is far closer to conservative philosophy than Britain’s Tories have been for decades.

  • Exile1981

    I’m disappointed that with all the terrorist attacks lately that UKIP lost seats. The opposite should have happened if the people of UK still had any spine left in them.

    • UKIP was built for Brexit and it’s current leader was no Farage.

    • andycanuck

      I think it was also UKIP voters going with the Conservatives fearing a big turnout by Labour.

  • H

    Several people commenting on Breitbart mentioned that May seemed almost to have deliberately sabotaged the campaign. First, she had a legitimate mandate after Cameron resigned to push Brexit through – there was no need for an election at this time. Secondly, the campaign itself was generally considered weak to the point of absurdity; for instance, she made a number of unpopular policy statements in the course of it that seemed designed to lose support, rather than gain it.

    So was she personally opposed to Brexit and was this her sneaky, indirect way of trying to stop it? It sounds like conspiracy-theory stuff, yes, but I personally have to wonder a little…..

    • David Murrell

      I agree. I think I posted on this site, that when she announced that she would not participate in the TV debates, that she was deliberately sabotaging here campaign. Not participating in any debates is essentially sabotaging a campaign. Nobody could be so stupid.

    • I suspect it was sabotage. The remainers are by and large powerful business interests certain to have May’s ear.

    • andycanuck

      Like McCain giving up about halfway through versus Obama, when the campaign began to sabotage Palin on purpose because the campaign was doing so well.

  • ontario john

    With a surprising 70 per cent turn out of young people, it shows that young people in the West are only interested in so called free stuff through socialism and bright shiny objects waved in front of them.

    • LairdKintyre

      The only shiny objects the Islamists will be waving in front of them would be schimitars. The Socialists think the Islamists are their allies.

  • David Murrell

    Finally, a good move by Ms. May — after running a comically inept campaign. But my math, the agreement gives the C’s/DUP 328 seats out of a 650 seat House of Commons, a razor thin majority once a Speaker is elected.

  • andycanuck

    Alright! I called it last night/this morning. It’s what I was hoping for with a minority government.

  • LairdKintyre

    A hopeful sign. A hopeful sign for Western Civilization. After Europeans collectively choose surrender and eradication at Belgian and French national elections I gave up on Europe. Let them be damned if they choose not to help themselves. Yet I am of pure British blood and I could never give up home in the native land my last ancestor left nearly two centuries ago. I watched the election in disgust as the Labour Party jumped to an early lead and stayed ahead by 20 seats or more for hours. I prayed for miracle and it came. The only true friends the Conservatives have the DUP gave them just enough for a majority. It’s not over. America and Britain once great enemies. The son raising up against the father yet reconciled in the end. There will be a great stand coming of Western civilization and we Men of the West will come out on top. We will win.

    • Bregh

      Thank you for posting this sentiment. I agree, and it’s nice to know now I’m not alone in believing this.