Indiana mother sues school after her son, eight, was ‘forced’ to recite the Pledge of Allegiance

An angry mother is suing school teacher and principal after claiming her eight-year-old was forced to recite the Pledge of Allegiance.

Jamie Porter said her son chose to sit quietly during the Pledge at Fuqua Elementary, Indiana, in March.

When asked why he was not taking part, the child said he was protesting the US government which he claimed was ‘racist, greedy and does not care about people’.

  • Shebel

    That is Okay.

    Society should obviously help your disillusioned Son/

  • Oracle9

    Someone needs to get out of the small town and check out how utopian the rest of the world is.

  • Ego

    8-year-old child protesting the US Government? Really?
    That child must have been indoctrinated by its parents.
    Anybody doing that to a child is unfit for caring for it.

    • Clausewitz

      This family should not be eligible for any of the Perks that come from American taxation. Hate the country so much, you get none of the advantages.

  • mobuyus

    Just following mom’s sick orders. Mom had this planned all along and was waiting to pounce. The well being of her child be damned. Making a political statement using her child and isolating him from the pack of normal kids is more important.

  • Alain

    Then why have they not moved to a different country? The mother is clearly a cancer on society along with poisoning the mind of her child. Is there a father in the picture? If so is he as sick as she is or just too wimping to deal with the dingbat wife?

    • Watchman

      You just know the mother would be complaining if the other children decided to shun her son and ignore him completely and not involve him in their activities. Not physically harm him in any way, just refuse to even acknowledge his presence. No adult involvement required. You would expect another lawsuit against the school if that happened for it not mandating her son be accepted by all other children.

    • Couper

      I AGREE! Why DON’T the move to another country which alines with their own “values?”

    • Clausewitz

      She’s probably only happy when she’s pissed off. Up next………..

  • andycanuck

    There’s only one response to her… Fuqua!

  • ntt1

    A child that age has no legitimate political thoughts, this is nothing but a sort of political spun Münchhausen by proxy

  • DaninVan

    Damn; Andy beat me to it…
    “Fuqua Elementary,”
    I want the ‘FU’ sweatshirt! 🙂

    • mobuyus

      We gotcha covered Dan.

  • canminuteman

    Why do people expect the government to care about people? I don’t want them to care about me, I want them to leave me alone.

  • Sheena Harvy

    Communist parents setting the school up for a law suit… That child needs a decent home and the mother needs community service, preferably sponging up blood and brain matter after the next terror attack.

  • Perhaps this mother and her son would like to move to any other country?