Georgia Tells Able-Bodied Food Stamp Recipients to Work for ‘Greater Good’

Thousands of Georgia residents who depend on food stamps are losing their benefits because they have failed to meet the state’s new requirements that force the able-bodied without children to find jobs.

These new work requirements have been rolled out in phases for the past year. The latest round impacted approximately 12,000 people in 21 counties.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported more than half of them, or 7,251, were dropped from the food stamp program because they were not working.

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    ‘A 2010 USDA study found that every $1 spent on SNAP generated $1.79 for the nation’s economy.’
    No, it didn’t, it generated another dollar to the national debt.

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      Are they still peddling that nonsense?
      Before, they maintained that for ever $1 spent on social programs that it delivered $14, $10, $7 to the nation’s economy (the cited numbers were all over the board in the early 1980’s), where military spending supposedly only brought $2 for every dollar spent.
      It turns out that high military spending tends to help the economy way more than anything else, assuming that we are getting good value for our dollar.
      That’s why I think all those garbage numbers started out as communist or Soviet disinformation in order to discourage U.S. national defense spending.
      It’s the old “guns or butter” dilemma, which I think was also a crap theory that ignored all sorts of ills paid for by social programs.

      • dance…dancetotheradio

        I have at times benefitted from social programs.
        My parents split and we ended up on welfare.
        So, there’s that.
        But, I started delivering newspapers when I was ten.
        And washing dishes in a restaurant when I was fourteen.
        I got student loans and flunked out and paid them back.
        Got married, had kids and worked hard.
        Then when my wife was fed up with sitting around the apartment after the kids started elementary school I went back to school, too, when she went back to work.
        More loans and child care subsidies.
        But, we’ve earned and paid them back since then.
        We’re not on the dole.
        Granted, sitting in a chair at night in front of a monitor six hundred miles away from them forty eight weeks of the year is not what I imagined where I’d be thirty years ago.
        I’ll take it, for now.

  • DMB

    In Ontario I would say the vast majority of people who collect disability never mind welfare are able to work some form of employment. Sure they may not be able to work a physically demanding manual labour type of job such as construction worker or landscaper unless they have an intellectual disability. However there are many types of work that they can do such as clerical, custodial, retail, etc. It amazes me how people who have minor disabilities can claim they can no longer work meanwhile I have seen individuals with down syndrome hold a job.