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Syrian man, 27, stabs Red Cross psychologist to death at a refugee counselling centre in Germany

A psychologist working for the German Red Cross has been stabbed to death by a Syrian man at a counseling centre for refugees in the western state of Saarland.

h/t Black Mamba

‘Bigger Than Snowden’: Whistleblower Says Comey Covered Up Illegal Spying On 20M Americans

Former US intelligence contractor Dennis Montgomery followed all legal procedures to blow the whistle on the NSA and CIA back in 2015 after he found over 600 million classified documents showing they engaged in widespread, illegal spying on over 20 million Americans, but FBI Director James Comey allegedly shut the investigation down.

Reconsider environmental subsidies and embrace carbon taxes, new analysis says

Federal and provincial governments should abandon some long-standing environmental policies, such as rebates for electric cars, as carbon pricing is put in place across the country starting next year, argues a new report from the Ecofiscal Commission.

Man Almost Dies When He Shoots A Refrigerator Full Of Explosives

The video posted on the Internet shows a man firing an what looks like an M-16 rifle at a refrigerator stocked with Tannerite. Tannerite is a widely sold and very popular exploding target specially geared toward gun owners. It consists of a mixture of ammonium nitrate and aluminum powder, is legal, and available at sporting-goods stores and websites. But it’s fair to say that it isn’t meant to be packed inside a refrigerator with intentions to shoot said fridge.

Trudeau failing to deliver on transparency promise, information czar says

The law that’s intended to give Canadians access to government files is being used instead as a shield against transparency, information commissioner Suzanne Legault said in her annual report tabled Thursday.

Fake News Epidemic Continues: Newsweek Says ‘Trump Impeachment Process Set to Begin’

As the made-up Trump/Russia nonsense begins petering out, the media is desperate to keep up the narrative that President Trump is somehow going to be impeached. So along comes some rockhead Democrat clown claiming he’s going to file articles of impeachment and this is how Newsweek frames it.

‘Lion Of London Bridge’ Took On London Terror Attackers With Bare Fists Shouting “F*ck You, I’m Millwall”

A man dubbed the ‘Lion of London Bridge’ took on three terrorists with his bare hands as they rampaged through the streets on Saturday night.

Roy Larner was drinking in the Black & Blue bar when the attackers entere brandishing knives. The Millwall fan, who has been aptly described as ‘fearless’ rushed to defend his fellow Londoners.

Muslims migrants are failing to integrate – Statistics prove

The leftist narrative that all immigrants are able to integrate into Western nations is flat out wrong, and I’ve got some statistics that prove a disturbing amount of Muslims migrants are failing to adopt our values.

Student org says House GOP should be ‘guillotined’

In response to a story initially reported on by Campus Reform, in which an Art Institute of Washington professor claimed that Republicans “should be lined up and shot” for their passage of the Obamacare-replacement bill, the Young Democratic Socialists suggested that they should instead be “guillotined.”

Are Jihadists Taking over Europe?

“Germany is quietly building a European army under its command,” according to some in the media. Apparently German Chancellor Angela Merkel, after her clash with U.S. President Donald Trump, would like to invest, along with France, in a European army.

At present, however, there is just one real army in Europe – the Jihadist Army, as in the terrorists who struck London on June 3 and murdered seven people, just two weeks after carnage in Manchester.

Here are the Canadian towns and cities that could lose the most jobs to robots

Some 40 per cent of Canada’s work activities could become obsolete because of automation, but some communities are much more vulnerable than others, according to the Toronto-based Brookfield Institute for Innovation + Entrepreneurship.


  • ontario john

    The media is reporting that an unexpected surge of young voters, had a major influence on the results of the British election. This doesn’t surprise me, as young people in general in the West, love free stuff that socialism promises, and are enthralled by shiny objects waved in front of them. We saw that with the election of the idiot Trudeau. We have gone from the greatest generation to the most useless generation.

  • CodexCoder

    I have only three comments for the author of the business report on jobs that will be lost to automation. First, if small manufacturing business jobs go completely automated, the tax revenues from income tax will be significantly reduced and second, with the loss of tax revenues, there will be a tax revolt (long overdue) that will significantly reduce the number of government jobs available. In short, if the worker suffers personal losses, it will finally ripple through and damage the revenues paid to government workers. Finally, given the nature of most government jobs (pushing paper and not much else), and rise of artificial intelligence, it is estimated that 80% of government positions could be done more efficiently by machines. As evidence, look at the number of traffic violation cases in the UK that are being challenged (and won) by AI Bots.

    So I would, as a liberal entity (like Global News), be very careful about predicting that government is the safest place to work. The fact gathering in journalism, for example, could easily be replaced by AI as well since most reporting is now opinion and very little of it is fact.

    • ontario john

      We don’t have journalists in this country. We have spokespeople for the Liberal Party.

    • shasta

      The article and report would be laughable if they were not so sad. Anyone basing their decision making on them will be in for a rude awakening. Most government jobs, even today, are unnecessary, and the only thing that has allowed the large growth in them is automation in the private sector that has let governments siphon off money that would have previously gone to workers. The attempt to keep these useless jobs by the beggaring of large portions of the private sector population can not go on forever without a rise in totalitarianism, and therefore the large growth area in employment will be in the police and military, at least until effective robots can be deployed.

  • Exile1981

    I noticed Brooks is one of the 40 towns. Given the government keeps importing somalis to Brooks for working in the meat plant, maybe we should stop that.

  • LairdKintyre

    Regarding Roy Larner. I hope the Queen knights the Lion of London Bridge. This is a man who would’ve stood tall with Leonidas of Sparta. We need men of action like Larner who will defeat the terrorists in a fight against the odds. We can tell the terrorist cowards to run along and tell their master they face Free Men here not slaves.

    • shasta

      Given how things go nowadays, he will be lucky if he is not charged for defending himself.

  • lolwut? (Deplorable Hoser)