At least Trump would stop a Hamas hate mob marching the streets

As Sadiq Khan threatens to boycott his state visit, RICHARD LITTLEJOHN says it’s a pity the London Mayor isn’t so fussy over the company he keeps

Donald Trump can be gauche, boorish, thin-skinned, bombastic and simplistic. His late-night forays into the Twittersphere are frequently childish and deliberately provocative, unworthy of a man who is nominally leader of the Free World.

But what especially infuriates his many sworn enemies and high-minded critics is that most of the time he’s absolutely right.

In the wake of Saturday’s terror attack at London Bridge, Trump tweeted: ‘At least seven dead and 48 wounded . . . and Mayor of London says there’s no reason to be alarmed.’ Cue bien-pensant outrage and a hissy fit from the mayor himself, Sadiq Khan, demanding that Trump’s proposed state visit to Britain should be cancelled, on the grounds that the President had insulted all Londoners.