Are baptisms being used to prevent refugee deportations?

Their names are Amir, Yaqob and Nesrin. They come from Afghanistan and Iran, but their new home is Germany. Here, they get baptized. Are refugees fraudulently using baptisms to improve their chances for asylum?


  • andycanuck

    A public Pork Test and Spitting on a Koran Test required.

  • Tooth&Claw

    If you don’t believe that’s the case, you’re not a student of human nature, nor do you understand the principles of taqiyya, muruna, tawriya, and kitman allowed in Islam.

  • Felix_Culpa

    Disagree about whether or not the severity of the Spanish Inquisition was appropriate or not, but regardless: this is why they started it in the first place–it was to root out fake conversions. “Faking it” is not a new tactic. All that to say there probably are some real conversions. It is a legitimate question to ask how can we distinguish the real from the fake.

    • Watchman

      So many history books omit the context of the Spanish Inquisition: that it started soon after the retaking of Spain from the muslim invaders. Muslims and Jews were given the choice of conversion to Catholicism, death or exile – so many converted. The Inquisition was enacted to ensure that those who converted were actually practicing Catholicism and not some version of Catholicism by name only.