Afghan government funding Taliban-run schools as militant group attempts rebrand

The Afghan government is funding schools and hospitals run by the Taliban as the militant group seeks to establish itself as a legitimate administration in large swathes of the country, a new film has found.

A report by a BBC team granted rare access to the group’s stronghold in Helmand province found the Taliban has been forced to present itself as somewhat modernised since Afghans have grown used to government services and a different way of life after the group was ousted from official power.

The Taliban has grown in confidence three years since Western troops withdrew from the country.

How much aid are we sending Afghanistan?

  • And all this time one thought that they didn’t want the Taliban.

    One cannot repair stupidity.

  • DMB

    The way to defeat the Taliban in Afghanistan is not with money, materialism, weapons & soldiers which is what was done and has all failed but by destroying Islam which has not been attempted in that country or anywhere else. If they only tried to distribute bibles and attempted to convert them to Christianity which would have pacified the entire country making them no longer a security risk. THIS OF COURSE WILL NEVER HAPPEN!