Why does Europe bash Trump while terrorism continues to take lives?

A sad, predictable, and preventable formula plays out over and over again in Europe and beyond. No amount of Facebook profile picture changes or national colors on the Eiffel Tower can change the existential threat Europe and the West face from radical Islamic terror. Made worse with waves of millions of unvetted refugees, the continent’s leaders must decide: are they serious enough to survive?

  • Dana Garcia

    People don’t like having their beliefs challenged, and diversity has become the liberal religion.

    Author Douglas Murray has some bad news about denial:


  • Hard Little Machine

    For the following reasons

    Europe has ALWAYS felt culturally and morally superior to America
    Europe is much further left wing than any other collection of modern democracies
    Europe wants to reinvent itself as even more left wing than now
    Europe is outsourcing the next phase of the Holocaust to ‘refugees’
    Europe would rather sacrifice itself than admit they were wrong

    • Linda1000

      Bunch of elitists. They were also stupid enough to start both world wars, have a history of inbred blue blood royalty, botched up a lot of their colonial expansion. The list goes on. A few hundred years ago, they probably were superior to America when America was first being formed or settled as a country but not anymore.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Faced with jihad, the EU has raised the white flag.

  • J. C.

    I remember reading a book a while back (one of Matthew Reilly’s Jack West Jr. series, if I recall… Or was one of James Rollins’ Sigma series…???) and, although fiction, it was pointed out that the ‘old world’ hated the ‘new world’ for it’s wealth, success, and power – Wealth, success, and power that was attained by ‘common-folk’.

    Probably a lot of truth in that. I’ll have to flip through those books to see if I can find it…