The CBC regrets to announce… Man pleads guilty to uttering threats against Rebel staffer at women’s march

Jason Bews – Fave activities – being a Social Justice Warrior, hitting women

And gets off easy…

  • DJ

    This POS pleads guilty and the CBC still makes it sound like he’s the Pope and that the Rebel journalist was a provocateur for being there and *GASP* reporting. I’ve noticed the Rebel has been in the discussion quite a lot of late–even the National Post sought to take a swipe at it in a recent article on Jordan Peterson, seeking to somehow delegitimize Peterson for associations with that media outlet. When the so-called “conservative” paper of record is punching right and the judiciary is handing out softball sentences for hitting women (a judiciary in Alberta no less) you know there’s a huge left-leaning undercurrent in this country, and I fear it’s one that we won’t be able to return from without a wholesale re-realization of Canada is: we have M-103, laws in Ontario abrogating parental rights, Bills in Alberta doing the same, Bill C-16. If you told me all this was going to happen 25 years ago I would have scoffed. Alas, here we are.

  • Mark

    The ‘judge’ should be removed from the bench for her comments about the victim in this case. A man attacks a woman reporter and this judge claims the woman behaves horrendous. This judge needs to be gone and a real judge taking her place.

  • We do not have a justice system.

    • terrence22

      We a “lawyer” system – I think, most, if not all, Canadian “judges” were/are lawyers.

  • simus1

    Providing someone drops his guilt on Homeland Security, that should put quite a crimp in him servicing his custom guitar buying USA clients down south on a face to face basis.