Terry Glavin: Chrystia Freeland was mistaken to put the blame for the shattered world order strictly on Trump

As an exercise in eloquently sugarcoating the facts of the shattered world order and Canada’s precarious place within the ruins, Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland’s speech in the House of Commons on Tuesday was a masterwork of tact and sobriety. Running in excess of 4,000 words, here’s the short version: We’ve had a good run. Everything we’ve taken for granted for the past 70 years is gone. Don’t panic.

Mr. Glavin hates Trump but he’s right that Obama started America’s withdrawal from the world stage.  A petulant Liberal government is reduced to histrionics because PM Useful Idiot may have to hold up our nation’s end of the deal and actually spend on Canada’s military. That must gall the hosiery fetishist who only wants to give our money away to 3rd world hell holes in order to puff-up his ludicrously inflated self-regard.