Saudi Arabia censors advert featuring a female model in a swimsuit by Photoshopping a BEACH BALL over her face

Saudi Arabia has censored an advert featuring a white woman in a swimsuit by Photoshopping a beach ball over her because the photo breaks the country’s strict Sharia laws about women covering their skin in public.

A photo circulating on social media shows a man and three children, all wearing black t-shirts, playing in a swimming pool with a Winnie the Pooh beach ball in the corner.

But the original version, made to advertise pools made by US company Intex, shows a woman lounging by the edge of the pool instead of the inflatable ball.

  • Brenda

    Are you sure the black t-shirts aren’t photoshopped as well? Like: no one is allowed to be naked, but adult women doubly so?

  • simus1

    The guy’s visible/ naked biceps and forearms are still pretty risque by Saudi standards. Must have been a compromise to show there were no hard feelings. Sort of a silly photo ad anyway since challenging direct sunlight like that shown over there would be really nuts.